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A blended family of six who loves travel and adventures!

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We love to travel, we love adventure, and we love Florida!

My name is Yanitza Ninett. A mom of 2 boys, and stepmom of 2 boys… all teenage boys! My husband and I got married 3 years ago, and we have been a blended family ever since! I’m the one who plans, writes, takes pictures, and I cherish every single moment of it.

We love to travel and find new places to visit in our home state of Florida, and anywhere in the world! And this is how Next Stop Adventures came to life. It’s really just me wanting to share my haul of family adventures. It’s also a way of journaling our travels and sharing with the world all the cool spots that Florida, and other places, have to offer for families like our own.

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The Bosses aka Mom + Dad, known to the world as Yanitza Ninett & Kenny.


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