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cassadaga spiritualist camp
The fun part of Cassadaga…you can buy Butterscotch Beer and feel like you’re living in the Harry Potter world!

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, the Psychic Capital of the World

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is a unique and must-see place in Florida. At a short drive from Orlando, it’s located in Volusia County, just north of Deltona.

Known as the Psychic Capital of the World for its large number of psychics and mediums. It also features the haunted and mysterious, Cassadaga Hotel.

Visitors can park right out front of the bookstore, or around the small post office, and walk around this 57-acre camp/town.

On our last visit to Cassadaga this past June, we met medium Anita Evans, who let us in on a little bit of history behind the camp. Cassadaga was established in 1874 by George P. Colby who was referred to as the “seer of spiritualism”.

We were astounded to learn that during the night, visitors can see spirit orbs around the lake!

things to do in cassadaga spiritualist camp
At the right side of this sign, you will find the Camp Bookstore. What you see to the left, is a side view of The Cassadaga Hotel.
psychic capital of the world
If you’re looking for mystery, and a truly unique experience in Florida, you should visit Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

Supernatural Experience in Cassadaga

With goosebumps and thrills, we spotted a few spirit orbs around the camp’s lake. It felt unreal!

We captured some photos but I deleted them afterward because they terrified me. Due to this, I don’t have any photos of orbs.

We also met a resident who told us the story of how every night, he hears noises on the 2nd floor of his home, and he lives alone. There are many stories you will learn on your trip to the Psychic Capital of the World!

And because we love different things, we enjoyed it. You can sip on Butterscotch Beer, shopping for quartz and gemstones, and taking pictures of the unreal, the weird, and the incredible findings all around the different gardens of the Camp.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is truly a place worth visiting!

things to do in cassadaga spiritualist camp

cassadaga parks and gardens
We found this notebook sitting on a bench at Horseshoe Park right inside the Camp. The bench had a label that read “Sit & Listen”. The notebook’s label read “Notes to the fairies and The Other Side”. In it, were plenty of notes written. We left ours!

cassadaga spiritualist camp

The Haunted Cassadaga Hotel

Finally, the Hotel. This is not your typical hotel! The Cassadaga Hotel is a unique one for sure. It’s a Historic Hotel and Metaphysical Center built in 1927, a mysterious Inn, and It’s haunted. Really, it is.

Many guests experience the supernatural, and you can also see spirit energies all throughout the hotel. The furnishings are antique, and entering the hotel feels like stepping into a movie scene.

We loved that they have a free Meditation Station where you can enter and take a moment to revive your energy. Visitors can even play wooden tic-tac-toe in the lobby. Visit the gift shop and purchase a variety of books, candles, stones, and jewelry.

You can also make appointments for the readings at the Hotel. Even more, you can choose from a list with all the gifted mediums for your session.

Will we ever stay at The Cassadaga Hotel? We’re really not sure.

Will we come back to visit the Psychic Capital of the World? Absolutely, yes!

cassadaga spiritualist camp
The lobby at The Cassadaga Hotel
psychic capital of the world
Things you see at the lobby…that you don’t want to see!
psychic capital of the world
The Meditation Station at The Cassadaga Hotel.
psychic capital of the world
And finally, the walls. If these walls could talk! This is the hallway located on the first floor of The Cassadaga Hotel. The energy that I felt in this hallway really creeped me out and it was only late-afternoon! Will you stay here?

Directions to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

It is located just north of Deltona, in Volusia County. Here’s the address to the Camp: 1112 Stevens St, Lake Helen, FL 32744

things to do in volusia county

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