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Infinite love for hiking and the beauty of the outdoors is the meaning behind Next Stop Adventures. It’s the reason why I created this special outdoor travel blog in the first place. And just like me, there are millions of other fellow hikers who simply just live for the outdoor vibe. With this in mind, I created this guide with some gift ideas for hiking lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Not only will you find great ideas here, but also things that I truly, truly love. From my favorite fun stuff to the really good balms I use before and after my hikes.

The Ultimate Guide with Cool Gift Ideas for Hiking Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Got an outdoor lover on your Christmas list? Here are some great gift ideas that every outdoor enthusiast will absolutely love!

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1. U.S. National Parks 50pc Sticker Set

Any sticker lover– like me, will go crazy for this sticker set! What I love the most about this set is that it features 50 U.S. National Parks stickers with a vintage design and unique vibe.

national parks sticker set gift ideas for hiking lovers

2. Collapsible MODL Utility Bottle

This is what I like to call the mama bear of all bottles! There’s a lot of things that I love about this bottle. But the best part about it is that you can actually transform it according to your adventure with its swappable caps. You can also attach the water filter for the MODL bottle and fill it up with any freshwater source–it removes 99.9% of protozoa and bacteria!

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3. Wellness Candle with Tiger’s Eye Crystals

I love candles! I especially love this Bee Lucia Wellness Co. candle with crystals in it because, well, I love crystals! It’s uplifting and eases tension with its nice aromatic blend of tangerine, basil, fennel, and peru balsam. Made with pure essential oils.

wellness candle with tigers eye crystals

4. Cairn Outdoor Subscription Boxone of the best gift ideas for hiking lovers and outdoor enthusiasts!

We all know how popular subscription boxes are these days. But this one in particular, is one of the best gift ideas for hiking lovers and outdoor enthusiasts! With your monthly subscription to the Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box, you get a variety of outdoor items from apparel and gear to emergency kits, skincare and energy bars! Like, seriously, this is the #bestgiftever 🎁

Cairn outdoor subscription boxes gift ideas for hiking lovers

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5. Calming Lavender CBD Muscle Balm Stick

Yes, hiking means muscle aches! Especially after strenuous hiking– like the one I did at Tallulah Gorge State Park. I’ve personally been dealing with muscle pain for most of my life and every time I go hiking, I feel the pain taking over me. Thankfully, Social CBD’s Muscle Balm Stick feels so good on my muscles! Besides its potent 400 mg of pure CBD, it also has arnica and menthol. Its soft, lavender scent is amazing! Plus, the best part about Social CBD is that their products are plant-based and contain no THC–which means no high! The Social CBD Well-Rested Gift Set is also a great option and a way to get started with these incredible products.

Shop Social CBD products with 20% off using my code: NextStopAdventures

6. Waypoint Wanders National Parks Scratch-off Map

This is such a cool gift idea! The best thing is that these scratch-off maps from Waypoint Wanders come in both gold and silver scratch-off paint. There’s also plenty of them to choose from– U.S. maps, International maps, and journals.

national parks scratch-off maps

7. Aluminum Trekking Poles

A great item for hikers of all levels and all ages. These aluminum trekking poles are both great and affordable! Comes in a set of 2.

aluminum trekking poles for hiking

8. Book: The Nature Instinct

An astonishing book on how to understand nature and everything that surrounds us when we’re outdoors. Learn how to sense danger when it’s near! Written by natural Navigator, Tristan Gooley.

the nature instinct book gift ideas for hiking lovers

9. Recycled Steel State Hiker Ornaments

And last, but certainly not least, the cutest ornaments for the hiking lover and outdoor enthusiast in your list! I actually found these on Etsy 😀 These hiker ornaments are made from recycled raw steel. Some states come with 2 hikers and others with one hiker.

recycled steel state hiker tree ornaments

Which one of these gift ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section! Happy Gifting!🎁

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9 Gift Ideas for Hiking Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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