beautiful boneyard beach in Florida

A lot of people love the beaches around the Jacksonville area–including myself. In fact, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island seem to be the among the most popular ones. But this one is far from being an ordinary beach. In this place, it’s all about the bones! Boneyard Beach in Florida is covered in skeletons from oak trees.

From the sand and all the way to the water, these bones are breathtakingly beautiful! Who would of thought that ‘bones’ would actually be part of such an incredible landscape, right?

boneyard beach bones from oak trees

Boneyard Beach in Florida

Tucked inside the protected area of Timucuan Ecological Preserve, just outside of the city of Jacksonville, lies this hidden gem–a complete visual paradise! A beach covered in oak and cypress trees bleached by the sun, held down by sand and wind, and formed by the forces of mother nature.

This Boneyard Beach in Florida is part of the Big Talbot Island State Park, one of the great state parks in the sunshine state. If you ask me, I would say this deserves a place in your bucket list. Just sayin’ 🤗

sitting on oak trees at boneyard beach in Florida
sunbathing at Big Talbot Island State Park

Personally, I had it on my own bucket list for more than a year. Even though I visit Jacksonville ever so often, I hadn’t had the chance to go to this beach up until the beginning of last year. The thing is, I went to Driftwood Beach in Georgia and thought this would pretty much be somewhat the same. Therefore, I kept holding it off to come here.

But guess what? I was wrong. They’re not the same, both are worth a visit, and they are beautiful!

oak trees in the water in boneyard beach in Big Talbot Island State Park

6 Ways to Enjoy Boneyard Beach

  1. Walk around the beach
  2. Take beautiful photos
  3. Go seashell hunting
  4. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  5. Soak up the sun
  6. Enjoy a picnic surrounded by beautiful scenery
boneyard beach Big Talbot Island State Park

Things to Know Before You Go

The trail leading towards Boneyard Beach is about a 1/4 mile but it may be a tad difficult for some people. Therefore, I recommend you wear some sneakers or hiking shoes. No sandals! After you begin at the trailhead, you’ll notice the trail starts to go down a bit. Just be careful not to slip.

Once you arrive at the beach, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to walk barefoot–like me! I would say you’re more than welcome to, but be very cautious of where you’re stepping.

That being said, be very careful at all times while you wander around the beach. There’s huge ‘bones’ that can easily be seen, but there’s also small ones hidden under the sand and in the water, too. This is the main reason why swimming is not allowed at this beach.


At first, before wandering around, I just stood here. I was completely in awe with its beauty. I thought to myself–“why did I wait so long to experience this, to see this?”. Once I began walking around the beach, I noticed the every detail on the bones.

Their difference in tones, colors, and textures. I love how all the bones seem similar, yet still have their own magic and their own beauty. Being here was truly an amazing experience!

bones from oak trees

If you haven’t been to this hidden gem, I really do wish you could see it one day. But until then, enjoy these photos. I tried my best to capture Boneyard Beach’s magic, just the way it is.

Would you add this place to your bucket list? Tell me in the comments! 🌊

Boneyard Beach in Florida

Plan your visit

Hours: 8:00 am until sundown, year-round

Fees: No parking fees in this area, but there is a $3 fee per vehicle if you park at Big Talbot Island State Park

Restrictions: NO Swimming

Tip: You’ll get the best views of this beach during noon time, on a very sunny day.

Address: SR A1A North, Jacksonville, FL 32226

📍Get Directions

Note: Boneyard Beach in Florida is pet-friendly and perfect for the whole family!

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  1. Boneyard Beach in Florida looks like a perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. It looks so stunning and peaceful, I’d definiely love to visit this place while being in Florida. 🙂

  2. I love the wilderness of this beach. It’s not often these days that you find such secluded places, that are gorgeous in the same time. Great place for sunbathing!

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