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In a perfect world, vacations would be a pure and simple chance to unwind and cut loose. However, there’s a reason the phrase “I need a vacation from this vacation” is such a well-known joke. Vacations can be shockingly stressful, especially when it comes to the portions spent on the road. If you’re already an anxious person, you might spend days ahead of the trip worried about the process of heading out. We want to help make your next trip a little less stressful and a lot more fun with these stress-free travel tips. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to reduce travel-related anxiety. 

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3 Great Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Do Your Prep Work 

Try to knock out as much planning in advance as possible.

  • Booking flights and hotel rooms early can help you avoid last-minute price increases. 
  • If you can, pack your bags a week before you need to go. Not only will you cross off a to-do list item, but you’ll also have a week to remember anything you forgot to pack. 
  • Create a checklist for the gear you pack the day before, such as an eReader or wireless phone charger — including a charging pad for multiple devices!
  • Thinking of hitting a well-known restaurant or popular attraction? If possible, book a reservation in advance to avoid long waits. 
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Create a Comfortable Journey for Stress-Free Travel

Is flying or driving a struggle? These tips can help.

  • If you’re driving to your destination, plan several fun stops along the way. This will make the drive take longer, but it will be less boring and you won’t wind up as stiff. 
  • Traveling with people who have different audio tastes? A good pair of headphones can let you listen to whatever music, podcasts, or audiobook suits you. 
  • Motion sickness on the road or in the air can make you miserable – here are some tips for how to reduce symptoms
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Develop a Vacation Routine to Reduce Stress When Traveling

Schedules can help reduce some of the uncertainty that can lead to vacation anxiety.

  • Create a loose routine you follow each day on your trip. For example, you could dedicate the mornings to sightseeing and the afternoons to relaxing and unwinding
  • Avoid over-planning or stuffing your schedule — too little time between activities can cause stress to build up as well. 
  • Pick a few backup activities in case something is closed or you just aren’t feeling it when the time comes around. This way, you won’t need to come up with ideas on the fly. 

We hope these tips for successful stress-free travel help you figure out how to cut down on anxiety during your vacations. Not only does traveling expand your worldview, but it’s also a necessary way to recharge your batteries and reset your mental state. By going in with a low-stress plan, you can get the break you deserve. 

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Tips and Resources for Enjoying Stress-Free Travel

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  1. Great tips. I agree and think over planning and trying to do too much is a bad thing. I want to enjoy my time not be rushed. Although, I have to diagree with packing a week early. That gives me a week to keep changing my mind, taking things out putting new things in my bag. Pack once and done the day before.

  2. What an awesome checklist for preparing to travel and for a trip in order to not have a lot of stress. I try to prep before I go because it is so easy!

  3. I agree with you that creating a checklist for gear is very important. There was once that I left my phone charger and I had no idea where to buy one when I was abroad. It was such a hassle all because I forgot about it. Thank you for sharing these tips.

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