6 Things to Do on Your Romantic Getaway in North Georgia

As an outdoors lover and hiking enthusiast, North Georgia always seems to captivate me. Its stunning scenery, waterfalls, and all-around outdoorsy vibe, really do hit differently. To stay in this unique glamping dome Airbnb nestled in the Appalachian Mountains was the most perfect getaway in North Georgia.

unique glamping site for a romantic getaway in Georgia

Indeed, glamping in North Georgia is another one of those reasons why road trips to the Peach State are my favorites!

If you’ve never had the experience of spending the night outdoors, whether it be camping or glamping, you’re in for a treat when staying in this cute dome set in a ‘Glampground’ in the woods.

But first, what’s all this glamping experience about?

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What is Glamping?

Glamping is the complete opposite of camping. Glamping comes from the words “glamorous camping” which is why it’s commonly referred to as luxury camping, 
And simply put, that’s exactly what is.

You get the experience of sleeping outdoors, but you have all the comfort and luxury that you would have in a hotel room. You have a real bed, bathrooms, running water, a fridge, a microwave, and everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay.

When you’re glamping, all you need to bring is your personal items because everything else is provided for you.

unique glamping site in north georgia

What is Camping?

Thousands of people experience camping at least once in their lifetime and they either love it or hate it. As for me, even though I’m deeply in love with the outdoors, I’m kind of in between.

Camping is when you prepare a tent and your bare essentials to get ready to sleep outdoors under the stars. Although essentials might not mean the same for everyone, in most cases it’s just personal items.

As for the camping sites, some campgrounds have accessibility to restrooms and others don’t. Other than that, your only comfort will be pretty much just what you bring with you.

woman reading inside a glamping dome

Is Glamping Better than Camping?

Well, it really just depends on which type of glamping you choose. There are many different options like glamping tents, cabins, treehouses, and yurts. Personally, I think that the experience in this glamping dome totally qualifies as a great “camping” experience.

For starters, it’s tucked in the woods where you can enjoy the nature sounds and mesmerizing sounds of the river. You can even sit by the fire or grill your favorite food all while being surrounded by Mother Nature!

couple kissing on a glamping dome tent

Planning Your Romantic Getaway in North Georgia

First of all, I must admit that I found this glamping dome to be the perfect idea for a romantic getaway in North Georgia.

It’s located in Hiawassee, just 20 minutes north of Alpine Helen, a picturesque German-inspired town that is well-known for its annual Oktoberfest festivities.

romantic getaway in helen georgia

We were actually already staying in Helen before it was our time to stay at the dome. I’ll make a pause right here.

I can’t really continue writing about this without sharing the fact that the curvy roads on the Unicoi Turnpike are no joke!

Thankfully, I wasn’t feeling anxious or anything. Nonetheless, it’s a very scenic drive.

The dome is set on a private campground just off the highway and there’s this small bridge right when you’re entering that is super cute for pictures!

unique glamping site in north georgia

Once you arrive at this unique glamping site, you will notice a sign that reads “The Glampground” right next to the dome, along with two airstreams right across the dome.

There is also a small building right between the two–this is the restroom/laundry area.

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All the Details of This Super Cute Glamping Dome…

The dome looks much smaller from the outside than it actually is. It’s very spacious and includes all the amenities you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

There is a super comfy queen bed, with amazing heated blankets. Did I mention it has heated blankets? Lawd!!! Those heated blankets were heaven-sent!

There’s also a mini-fridge, microwave, and heating stove that was great at keeping us warm. It had been raining all night during our stay and it was super cold!

inside a tiny glamping dome

It’s because of the rain that I regret only one thing and it’s that we couldn’t sit and relax by the fire outside. However, we did get to hear the sound of the rain from inside the dome and it was magical!

couple cuddling by the river while glamping

Things to do on your Georgia Romantic Getaway

Staying in this unique glamping dome is one of the most romantic getaway weekend ideas romantic and fun. And since there are so many things to do around the area, I figured that sharing the itinerary for our couples’ getaway would be helpful when planning your own stay in the North Georgia Mountains. 

1. Spend a Night in this Dome

There are many things that you can do while staying at the dome. You can enjoy a nature walk, have dinner by the river, prep some S’mores in the fire pit, and play board games. You can also take this intimate time to take memorable pictures of just the two of you.

couple laughing on romantic glamping getaway

2. Have breakfast at a German bakery in the Alpine City of Helen

Helen is known as the heart of North Georgia and it’s very romantic for couples! Being that it’s a Bavarian-style town, starting the day off with breakfast at a German bakery is definitely the way to go.

breakfast at hofers bakery in helen georgia

For complete breakfast options and all the Bavarian vibes, you can check out Hofer’s Bakery. And for delicious bagels and great coffee, Schatzie’s Cafe is your place to go.

And while you’re here, take a stroll around the cute German-inspired town.

3. See a Waterfall in North Georgia

There are hundreds of waterfalls that you can visit in North Georgia. Which ones to visit will depend on how much you want to hike and your preference for the intensity level of the hike.

For a Georgia romantic getaway in which you can divide your time into many different activities, choose the waterfalls with the shorter distance hikes.

dukes creek falls in georgia
View of Dukes Creek Falls from the observation deck.

We enjoyed watching the beauty of Dukes Creek Falls from the observation deck which is a short walk from its parking area.

4. Visit a winery – one of the best things to do for couples!

Many might be surprised to know that there are numerous wineries in North Georgia. In fact, many of these are award-winning and have the perfect atmosphere to enjoy while on a romantic getaway with your significant other.

romantic getaway at yonah mountain vineyards

Yonah Mountain Vineyards was our pick and we had an amazing time. Unfortunately, the wine cave tours were not available during our visit. Just make sure you call ahead of time when planning your trip to see what’s available.

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5. Walk around Smith Lake aka Unicoi Lake at Unicoi State Park

It’s the little things that always make great memories. A visit to Unicoi Lake might just be one of the simplest things to do but so very worth it.

unicoi lake in helen georgia

The feeling you get when experiencing the stunning mountain views with the love of your life is beyond amazing. There’s just something about mountains that makes it all so magically perfect!

romantic getaway at unicoi lake in helen georgia

6. Visit a Chocolate Factory

What’s a little romantic getaway without some chocolates, right? In the Alpine City of Helen, you will find some super cute candy stores.

hansel and gretel candy kitchen in helen georgia

But it was the Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen the one that caught our attention. We had a variety of flavors and all of them were delicious!

Plan your Visit to this Unique Glamping Dome

If you’re ready to plan a couples’ weekend in the mountains, you can book this glamping dome through the Airbnb site.

unique glamping site in north georgia

Final Thoughts

Indeed, the glamping or camping experience is not for everyone. But it’s also true that spending at least one night in a glamping dome like this one, or in a glamping tent, is worth a try.

Whether you’re planning a Georgia romantic getaway for a whole week’s stay or just a weekend, it sure will be an unforgettable experience.

Would you like to have the glamping experience in this dome? Let me know in the comments!

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unique glamping site in north georgia for romantic getaway
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