Hi, Outdoor Adventure lovers!

I’m Yanitza, a lover of the outdoors, a hiking enthusiast, an ocean lover, and a blogger of outdoor adventures. Besides enjoying travels and exploring the wilderness, I also love historic sites and hidden gems. I’m a Professional Lifestyle Photographer who loves capturing authenticity in just about everything.

I created Next Stop Adventures as an outlet to share some of the exciting road trips and outdoor adventures I took with my family. Journaling our travels is always like therapy to me!

Now, I mostly travel on my own and share my hiking and outdoor travel experiences.

Over time this blog has evolved into something that I deeply love. I also get to work with amazing brands that are fascinated by nature and the outdoors, just like me!

outdoor adventure and hiking in little big Econ state forest

At first, this blog was put together with the help of my two boys. They still give me tips as to what to talk about, and which pictures seem to be the best to post. Regardless, I’m the one who plans, writes, and takes pictures. I cherish every single moment of it. I love spending time with my family–in any corner of the world!

The Mission Behind Next Stop Adventures – an Outdoor Adventure & Travel Blog

Our mission at Next Stop Adventures is to inspire others to explore the best reward that life has given to us: nature! By experiencing outdoor travel and sharing it with the world, we feel that we are also raising awareness on how to enjoy the outdoors without leaving traces and caring for our environment.

We aspire to be the trusted resource where outdoor enthusiasts come for their travel planning, as well as for recommendations on the best gear, outerwear, and products for their outdoor trips.

About the Logo

Our logo represents our enthusiasm for the outdoors. Exploring the outdoors is all about joy, excitement, happiness, and recharging our energy. It’s about making friends along the way and treasuring the memories we create with them, or on our solo adventures.

Which Cameras do I use?

For our trips, I take a Nikon D7500 DSLR with a 28mm and 35mm lens, and my very beautiful mirrorless camera–Fujifilm X-T20. And I also get my videos and some photos with my iPhone 12 Pro camera and GoPro Hero 4 as well. Just recently, I decided to bring along my Nikon film camera to capture some shots on film, too. I shoot mostly with Kodak Portra 400 35mm and Fujifilm PRO 400H film.

Running my own photography business for the past 10 years has taught me that it’s not about which equipment you use to take the pictures. Instead, it’s more about what you capture and how you tell the story of your travel experience and adventures!

outdoor adventure film photos
Captured on Fujifilm PRO 400H film

Traveling and Exploring

We love finding new places to visit in our home state of Florida. But for the most part, when we’re not in Florida, you can find us somewhere in Georgia. It’s by far one of our favorite states for a short road trip with exciting outdoor activities. 

Utah landscape
Hiking adventures in Utah

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