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Our Story: What Next Stop Adventures is About

Hi, I’m Yanitza (but you can call me Yany!) I am a lover of outdoor adventures and passionate about hiking and scuba diving, I enjoy spending relaxing afternoons in picturesque places.

I’m the writer and creator behind Next Stop Adventures, a Florida-based site dedicated to slow travel experiences, exciting outdoor adventures, historic sites, and authentic experiences.

My mission is to educate and inspire others to practice responsible recreation and tourism while enjoying the great outdoors.

I aim to spark interest in the many incredible ways to explore a destination sustainably by embracing slow travel.

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We aspire to be the trusted resource where outdoor enthusiasts come for their travel planning, recommendations on the best gear, and ideas for ways to fully enjoy a destination far from popular tourist attractions.

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Along with Carlos, I often explore lesser-known destinations that are full of history and culture.

As history buffs, we both enjoy touring historic sites like Chinsegut Hill, landmarks, and historic homes with interesting histories.

Besides exploring nature and visiting quaint towns, we also love discovering hidden gems.

About Yanitza: hiking enthusiast, a PADI Certified Open Water Diver, main writer of this blog and Vampire Diaries obsessed.

About Carlosoutdoors lover, Jeep enthusiast, nature lover and Star Wars fanatic.

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“My mission is to educate and inspire others to have unique slow travel experiences and to practice responsible recreation and tourism while enjoying the great outdoors!”
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Yanitza, Founder of Next Stop Adventures

Our Mission: Responsible Tourism and Outdoor Adventures

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We are committed to responsible outdoor recreation and educating others on how to practice outdoor ethics and enjoy nature with minimal impact on our environment.

We always encourage the Leave No Traces Principles for outdoor recreation.

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