Cool Red Hollow Slot Canyon Hike Near Zion National Park

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Supposedly, Utah is the momma bear of slot canyons with the highest number of these canyons than anywhere else in the whole world. Imagine that! Although many require special skills and experience, this slot canyon hike near Zion does not.

If you’re visiting Zion National Park, you might’ve already heard about The Narrows–one of the best slot canyon hikes in the world.

But for an easier slot canyon hike, this one does the trick and it’s an accessible hike that you can add to your Utah road trip. However, this doesn’t mean that you can go unprepared.

The first rule of hiking is to always be extra prepared. So please do so on each of your hikes, including this one.

red hollow slot canyon hike in utah

How to Get to the Red Hollow Slot Canyon

This slot canyon hike is located in Orderville, UT just about 24 minutes from Zion National Park. Although Red Hollow Slot Canyon is a less popular destination for tourists, locals know it very well.

The roads in this small town aren’t marked, so you must pay close attention when driving so you don’t pass the entrance. Once you pass the Orderville bridge–which crosses the Virgin River, you will make a right at the US 100 E.

Then, take the first left (this is Red Hollow Dr) and continue straight down the dirt road until you arrive at the water facility. This is the parking area for the hike. Spaces are very limited but there’s always a good chance to park.

parking area of red hollow slot canyon
Water facility aka parking area of the Red Hollow Slot Canyon

Once you’re here and facing directly toward the fence of the facility, pay close attention to your right where you will notice the trailhead for this slot canyon hike.

During my last, cairns had been placed to lead the way along the trail. You can follow both the trail and the cairns and head straight down the sandy wash to get to the entrance of the canyon.

slot canyon hike near zion national park in utah
Hiking the sandy wash to the Red Hollow Slot Canyon

What are cairns? Cairns are small rock piles that mark routes (trails). Don’t touch or make your cairns as this can mislead other hikers.

canyon views on red hollow slot canyon

How Long is the Red Hollow Slot Canyon Hike?

The trail to Red Hollow Slot Canyon is approximately 1.2 miles roundtrip and it’s an easy hike. However, this area is not shaded and it can feel strenuous during the hot summer months.

I did this hike on a sunny day with a temperature of 107 degrees and it was brutal. It got to the point where I even thought about going back.

From my experience, I wouldn’t recommend this hike on hot days and you should at least bring 2 liters of water.

If you prefer hiking slot canyons with a local tour guide, you can book one of these canyon tours in Utah which are an excellent way to explore slot canyons safely.

red hollow slot canyon hike in utah
Entering Red Hollow Slot Canyon

🏜 Red Hollow Slot Canyon: 1.2 miles roundtrip | Difficulty: Easy | Elevation gain: 5718 ft

Hiking to Red Hollow Canyon

At the end of the sandy wash trail, you will see the entrance to the Red Hollow Slot Canyon. With beautiful tones of red, violet, and orange, it will surely leave you in awe.

The uniqueness of the colors inside the canyon is enough to make it one heck of a picturesque sight. Many people say this is one of the most beautiful local hidden gems!

colors and waves of slot canyon in utah
The narrowest part of the canyon
colors of the red hollow slot canyon hike

Going inside the canyon is fairly easy until you reach the narrowest slot. To go through it you will need to climb and slide through it with your back against one wall and your feet on the other. Just like the slot canyons for pros! LOL. Only this one is much easier.

This is a great experience for beginners who have never been on a slot canyon hike.

slot canyon hike in utah
Sliding my way through the slot canyon

After you slide your way through this narrow slot, you can either climb up the rope that’s placed in the rock wall or turn around and go back.

I didn’t climb the rope because to be honest, being the big girl that I am, I thought it wouldn’t hold me. Always go with your instinct, right?

the wave in utah
Slot Canyon hike views

But even if decide not to do the rope climbing, the experience of this slot canyon hike is amazing and epic. The rays of sunlight peeking through the canyon are utterly magical.

No matter which way you look at it, there is always a rewarding sight inside this canyon.

hiking near zion in utah

Placing my hands through the waves of the canyon felt like being in a different dimension. A simple stroke of my hand through the sandy walls was like fuel to my nature-loving soul.

Simple, yes. But the experience is out of this world amazing!

red hollow canyon in utah

Would you like to hike this slot canyon? Let me know in the comments!

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red hollow slot canyon near zion in utah
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