Easy Mossy Cave Waterfall Hike in Bryce Canyon

If you want to see a type of ‘waterfall’ in Bryce Canyon National Park, look no further! The Mossy Cave, located at the north end of the park, treats you to a pretty cool waterfall.

During the winter, the icicles adorn this man-made waterfall making it even more magical!

mossy cave trail in bryce canyon

Regardless of it actually being a grotto and not a real cave, hiking this trail is very much worth it. You’ll start walking along the river that takes you straight to the grotto.

But, from beginning to end, the spectacular vistas of the hoodoos will leave you in awe.

best hiking trails in bryce canyon

Where is Mossy Cave in Bryce Canyon National Park?

Mossy Cave is located 4 miles east of Highway 12 between mile markers 17 and 18, on the north end of the park. To get here, you do not have to go through the park gates.

mossy cave bryce canyon

However, paid fees are still required in this section of the park. If you have your National Parks Pass, you must have it displayed in your car window.

Since it’s located on the outside of the primary entrance, many people seem to miss it but it’s the perfect stop if you’re doing a road trip through Utah’s National Parks. It’s also a great roadside attraction since you don’t have to go inside the park to see it.

mossy cave waterfall in bryce canyon

How Long is the Mossy Cave Waterfall Trail?

The Mossy Cave Trail–also known as ‘water canyon’, is a 0.8-mile roundtrip hike classified as easy. The elevation gain is 300 ft and it’s going uphill for most of the hike, but it’s not steep at all.

mossy cave waterfall

This is a great trail for the whole family and it’s also a great roadside attraction. So, if you’re looking to start with one of the easiest hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park, this is a great option!

There are pit toilets at the trailhead and the parking is very limited. Therefore, check the park’s website for updates on any closures due to congestion.

Have you visited Mossy Cave in this Utah National Park? Let me know in the comments!

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Best Hiking Trails in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
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