An Epic Journey to Explore Florida’s Largest Waterfall

Florida’s largest waterfall has a 73-foot drop and it’s located at Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida.

When I visited this park for the first time, I noticed that the waterfall’s flow does vary depending on whether or not it hadn’t been raining. Rather than having a constant water flow.

Therefore, if you plan to visit, check the weather updates and plan accordingly if you want to be able to see the waterfall in its full force.

How to Get to the Waterfall

Wondering how to get to the Falling Waters waterfall? Although this is one of the highest points in Florida, access to the waterfall is fairly easy and considered more of a nature walk, as opposed to a hike.

As you begin your scenic walk into the forest, you will follow the Wire Grass Boardwalk which leads directly to the two different viewing platforms for the waterfall.

Florida's largest waterfall

The top platform is more of a dry observation point and the bottom platform gives you a more immersive experience where you can feel the soft mist of the waterfall in your face.

From either of the waterfall’s viewing platforms, you will be able to notice how the water disappears into the cave system inside the sinkhole. The final destination of the water remains a mystery to this day.

Spending a Day Around Florida’s Tallest Waterfall

Another spending a full day in this northern Florida state park, I immediately noticed how different it is from the state parks in Central Florida.

Falling Waters State Park has a unique sense of calmness that is very soothing and feels as though you stepped out of state.

Maybe it’s the fern in the forest or the calming sound of the waterfall. Or perhaps it’s walking next to the tall trees that make this such a mindful outdoor journey. But one thing is for sure, you don’t get this kind of vibe in Central Florida.

All of these special features make this a great place to be for a more laid-back experience away from the crowds.

lake in falling waters state park

You will also be able to see the sinkholes around the park and fall in love with the beautiful tall trees that greet you from the entrance of the park.

And yes, history lives here too! This state park is home to Florida’s first oil well which dates back to 1919 according to a 400-year-old Spanish diary.

Previous Archaeological surveys in the park have gathered ancient artifacts dating back to the Native American civilization 5,000 years ago.

first oil well in florida in falling waters state park

Camping near Florida’s Largest Waterfall

Apart from being known as the home of Florida’s highest waterfall, one of the most popular activities at Falling Waters State Park is camping.

There is a campground with 24 campsites available which include a bathhouse with hot showers and full amenities inside the campground. RV parking, campfire circles, and a picnic area are other of the park’s features.

Whether it’s under the star-studded night sky or waking up to the morning light filtering through the trees, Falling Waters State Park offers a camping experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

I think most of this is because this is a very serene outdoor destination in Florida, which is something that I love.

Florida's largest waterfall in falling waters state park

Things to do in Falling Waters State Park

As if being surrounded by this beautiful forest wasn’t enough, there’s much to see here!

The lake and butterfly garden are very pretty and are two of the things you don’t want to miss when you visit Falling Waters State Park.

For hiking enthusiasts, you will find some great hiking trails that enhance your visit after recent rainfall. On these occasions, the sound of the waterfall accompanies your hike, elevating the outdoor experience to the utmost incredible level.

Some of the other enjoyable activities in Falling Waters are bird-watching, fishing, picnicking, swimming, and Geocaching.

Since this is a Geocaching destination, you can learn all about the Florida State Parks Geo-seeking experiences by visiting Geocaching in Central Florida before your trip.

hiking in falling rivers state park

Plan Your Visit to Florida’s Largest Waterfall

How much does it cost to go to Falling Waters State Park?: $5 per vehicle

Hours: 8 am until sundown, 365 days a year

Address: 1130 State Park Road, Chipley, FL 32428

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