Best Hiking Sandals for Women that You Must Try

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The footwear you choose for hiking can help you enjoy your hike, or hate it. For instance, it’s a fact that merino wool socks should be your number one priority when wearing hiking boots. It’s also a fact that when we want comfort for our feet, we immediately think about sandals. Well, guess what? Hiking sandals for women (and men) are actually a thing and they are worth checking out!

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Without a doubt, hiking sandals can become your new BFF along the hiking trail. Just like with any other type of hiking shoe, choosing the right one is the real game changer. But before investing in this type of shoe wear for hiking, you have to know what to look for. Furthermore, why should you even consider a sandal for your hikes?

Benefits of Hiking Sandals for Women

As for me, I’ve found a good number of benefits from wearing sandals on my hikes. Regardless, there is still a huge reason why I don’t wear them to all my hikes. And that reason is called snakes! And you all know how terrified I am of snakes. Like, big time! The mere thought of having my toes completely exposed and knowing it’s a big risk for snake bites gives me the worst of nightmares.

Nonetheless, I still wear, love, and recommend hiking sandals for plenty of reasons.

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Hiking sandals keep your feet 100% blister-free!

My favorite feature! This is super important for me because I’m very prone to blisters. Wearing hiking sandals eliminates all possibilities of ending your hikes with blisters on your feet.

Versatile for Hiking and Travel

From hiking to going for a walk around town! Hiking sandals are versatile and perfect for all of your travel trips.

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Great for Water Crossings

My second favorite feature! In addition to all of the other great benefits, hiking sandals are the best for water crossings. Crossing a river with boots when you still have miles to hike, can be somewhat uncomfortable. Regardless if you’re wearing waterproof boots or not. But on the contrary, wearing hiking sandals for water crossings is such a breeze!

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The Viakix Sloane Hiking Sandal for Women

Easy to Pack in Luggage

As I’m writing this, my luggage for my upcoming trip is lying around in my room. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to fit my hiking boots because I have no space 🙈. However, my hiking sandals are easily packed and ready to go! Sandals fit anywhere and they are very lightweight.


Hiking sandals are less expensive than hiking boots and last just as long. This means you can build a nice collection with a variety of styles and colors in no time! I like to classify them depending on the types of hiking trails of travel that I will be doing.

My Top Choices for Hiking Sandals for Women

Things I considered for this list are arch support, type of soles, uses, and grip. Additionally, I lean towards stylish designs, of course!

1. Viakix Sloane $79.99 (on sale for $49.99)Best hiking sandal for backpacking, long hikes, travel

Viakix hiking sandals for women
  • Superior arch support
  • Adjustable strap for customized fit
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Textile webbing
  • Ergonomic outsole 

2. Keen Astoria West $115.00Best for day hiking, backpacking, water crossings, travel

keen shoes for hiking
  • Cushioned support
  • Quick-dry
  • Maximum traction on wet surfaces
  • Contoured arch for mid-foot support 

3. Viakix Napali $79.99 (on sale for $49.99)Best for day hikes, outdoor escapes, travel

Viakix Napali in black
  • Athletic sandal
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Ergonomic outsole
  • Ideal to go from hiking to town
Check out these adventure ready, hiking sandals for women! I love number 1 ♥️ #hiking #adventure Share on X
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4. Teva Verra $70.00Best for day hiking, backpacking, water crossings

Teva hiking sandals
  • Adventure-ready in a sleek design
  • Contoured midsole
  • Microban anti-microbial treatment
  • Padding in the heel

5. Quechua NH110 $34.99 – Best hiking sandals for easy trails, summer walks, water crossings

Quechua hiking sandals for women
  • Double EVA sole
  • Uses 2 velcro tabs for adjustment
  • Extra buckle for support
  • Non-slip grip

Would you wear sandals on your hiking trips? Let me know in the comments!

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