11 Amazing Epic Hikes in Arches for Your Utah Bucket List

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Arches is a national park in Utah with over 2,000 natural red rock arches. With stunning landscapes and many amazing epic hikes in Arches, it’s no surprise why it’s one of the most visited national parks in Utah.

In this Eastern Utah park filled with natural features, you will find unique rock formations like Landscape Arch which is one of the longest spans in the world.

You’ll also be able to hike the Delicate Arch Trail which is considered to be the best hike in Arches National Park according to over 21,000 on the AllTrails app.

delicate arch trail
Delicate Arch Trail

With its incredible desert landscape, epic hikes like the permit-only Fiery Furnace sandstone labyrinth hike, Devil’s Garden, and Park Avenue, are a very good reason to consider this hiking experience for your next outdoor trip.

For adventure-seekers like me, hiking in Utah is a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s a great place to explore an incredible outdoor landscape.

After visiting The Mighty 5 (all five National Parks in Utah), you might place this one at the top of your list, just like I did!

red sandstone in arches national park


The Best Hikes in Arches National Park to Add to Your Itinerary

In no particular order, these are the most amazing and epic hikes in Arches that you want to add to your Utah itinerary.

1. Delicate Arch

This is certainly the most famous arch in Arches and one of the most popular hikes in this park.

Delicate Arch was actually at the top of my bucket list for Arches National Park and I was utterly excited to finally be able to do this hike.

This is a 3-mile round-trip hike and the strenuous difficulty level may not be for everyone.

If you’re afraid of heights, this hike can feel very scary, especially during the last section of the hike.

sunrise hike to delicate arch amazing epic hikes in arches

The Delicate Arch trail is a steep trail through slick rocks, with exposure to heights, and absolutely no shade.

On the final stretch of the trail before reaching the top, you will have to walk through a narrow rock ledge that eventually leads you directly to Delicate Arch.

I began this hike at 3 am and unfortunately got lost two times. I was lucky to find one other hiker, who also happened to be lost and we managed to figure it out and continue the hike.

Arches National Park is an International Dark Sky designated park that also just so happens to have some of the darkest skies in the Southwest.

Therefore, if you’re attempting to hike Delicate Arch before sunrise, which will require a starting time of 3 am, please be mindful of your surroundings and come prepared with headlights.

delicate arch in arches national park
The Delicate Arch at Sunrise

Difficulty: Strenuous-Difficult | Length: 3 miles roundtrip | Time: 2-3 hours | Elevation gain: 480 ft

2. Pine Tree Arch

This next one is my favorite arch in Arches!

Pine Tree Arch is completely stunning and it’s a less visited arch in comparison to Delicate Arch or The Windows Section of the park.

pine tree arch in arches national park

To hike to Pine Tree Arch, you will start at the Devil’s Garden trailhead and will eventually take the side trail to your right.

What I love the most about Pine Tree Arch is that it’s like a hidden gem in Arches National Park. It sure does not disappoint.

pine tree arch

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 1-mile roundtrip | Time: 30-45 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

3. Landscape Arch

Right at the end of the Devil’s Garden Trail, you will also see Landscape Arch.

And I say the ‘end‘ because it’s the last marked section of the trail before reaching the starting point toward the primitive trail.

landscape arch in arches national park

With an opening of 306 ft, Landscape Arch is the largest arch in Arches National Park and it’s also one of the longest spans in the world.

The hike to this unique arch is fairly easy and the trail is mostly packed with sand all the way.

landscape arch trail

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 1.9 miles roundtrip | Time: 30-60 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

4. Devil’s Garden Loop (all trails)

If you want to complete the full Devil’s Garden trail system, you should be prepared to hike most of it along the primitive trail.

The primitive trail is considered to be a challenging hike with narrow passages, steep grades, and uneven surfaces.

For more information on how to hike the primitive trails, you can talk to a park ranger at the Arches Visitor Center.

woman hiking in devil's garden in arches national park
devil's garden loop trail amazing epic hikes in arches

Difficulty: Strenuous-Difficult | Length: 7.9 miles roundtrip | Time: 3-5 hours | Elevation gain: 1,085 ft

5. Sand Dune Arch

There’s something about the sandy washes and this perfectly formed arch that captured my heart.

sand dune arch amazing epic hikes in arches

Sand Dune Arch is a very easy hike in Arches where you’ll be stepping mostly through deep sand.

This is a good trail length and hiking option for kids and the whole family.

sand dune arch trail

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 0.3 miles roundtrip | Time: 15-30 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

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6. Broken Arch

To get to Broken Arch trailhead, you will follow the path that’s right at the exit of Sand Dune Arch.

This trail will lead you directly to this majestic arch with picturesque and impressive Utah beauty.

The Broken Arch hike is one of the easiest hiking trails in Arches National Park and you can cross the meadow and climb some rocks to get to the arch.

broken arch amazing epic hikes in arches

Alternatively, you can enjoy the views from the meadow. The rear view of the Broken Arch is spectacular! (see picture below).

This trail continues after the Broken Arch and takes you to Tapestry Arch–which is an additional 2 miles.

broken arch amazing epic hikes in arches

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 1.3 miles roundtrip | Time: 40-60 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

More Amazing Epic Hikes in Arches

7. Skyline Arch

This is one of the arches that you will be able to see from the park road and even be viewed right from inside your car.

If you prefer to hike, the Skyline Arch Trail is a short out-and-back hike on packed sand that’s another good hiking trail for kids.

The view is more like a big, tall wall with an arch right at the top middle part.

skyline arch amazing epic hikes in arches

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 0.4 miles roundtrip | Time: 10-20 minutes. Elevation gain: not significant

8. The Windows Section

The Windows is one of the most popular spots in Arches National Park.

Therefore, just like Delicate Arch, The Windows Section can get crowded throughout the day, especially during the summer.

This section is adjacent to the Double Arch parking lot, from which you’ll be able to see The Windows and Turret Arch.

north window in arches
North Window, Arches National Park

One of the coolest things about The Windows is that these arches are joined together by a ‘wall’ of rocks with what visually appears to look like a nose right in the middle.

This is why the North and South Window, aka The Windows, are also commonly referred to as the Spectacles.

the spectacles in arches
The Windows Section aka the Spectacles, Arches National Park

To get to the North and South Windows, you will climb up a gravel trail, but it’s not difficult at all. The impressively beautiful North Window is super big and has one heck of a view!

Then, towards the back of the North Window, you will find the South Window.

south window in arches
South Window, Arches National Park

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 1.1 miles roundtrip | Time: 30-60 minutes | Elevation gain: 154 ft

9. Turret Arch

This arch is also part of The Windows section in Arches. However, I decided to mention it separately because I think it Turret Arch deserves an individual mention.

How to get to Turret Arch

Once you are at The Windows trailhead, climb up towards the North Window and then continue on the trail toward the right side. This short trail will lead you straight to the arch.

turret arch amazing epic hikes in arches

In my opinion, the Turret Arch is best viewed in the late afternoon or evenings if you visit in the summertime.

This picture above was taken around 8 pm in June and it was the best time!

Even though Double Arch, The Windows, and Turret Arch are all across from each other near the entrance to the park, this is the one that receives less attention from them all.

Regardless, its easy access and extremely short trail length paired with all its beautiful natural features, make Turret Arch one of the most epic hikes in Arches National Park. At least in my book!

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10. Double Arch

Just across the street from The Windows section, you will see the Double Arch, which also seems to be a very popular section in Arches National Park.

To get to this iconic double feature of giant red sandstone arches, follow the sign from the parking lot and continue on the flat trail that leads you straight to these arches.

Just like The Windows, this area can get crowded, especially during sunset time, so if you want to avoid crowds it’s best to visit Double Arch earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, I lost all the pictures I took at Double Arch and don’t even have a bad one. But it’s very easy to find and you can’t miss it.

amazing epic hikes in arches in the windows section
On the left: North Window, On the right: Turret Arch.

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 0.5 miles roundtrip | Time: 15-30 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

11. Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock in Arches is one of those things you see that leaves you in complete awe. I like to call this nature’s perfection at its finest

The entire hike that leads to this balanced rock formation is an easy loop that is partly paved, which makes it another great hike for kids in Arches National Park.

balanced rock amazing epic hikes in arches national park
Self-timer is THE BOSS!

Difficulty: Easy | Length: 0.3 miles roundtrip | Time: 15-30 minutes | Elevation gain: not significant

How Long Does it Take to Complete The Amazing Epic Hikes in Arches on This List?

You’ve learned about some of the most epic hikes in Arches and you’re ready to plan your trip!

If you want to complete all the hikes I’ve mentioned here, I would say that two is the magic number.

I recommend setting aside two full days to hike and explore these areas of Arches National Park.

Additionally, I would suggest you arrive at Arches early morning, which is what I did.

I arrived at 3 am for the Delicate Arch sunrise hike and continued hiking throughout the day, which allowed me the opportunity to also have some downtime for a scenic drive in the park.

Deciding how much time to spend in Arches National Park will depend entirely on the time of the year that you’re planning to visit and how you build your itinerary for your Utah trip.

If you’re leaning towards a summer trip like the one I did, you can consider taking a break around mid-day by driving to Downtown Moab for lunch and then going back to Arches for more hikes or photo ops.

sandstone fins and park road in arches national park

Planning to have at least two full days to visit this national park in Utah will allow you to complete most of the longer hikes on this list in one day, and the shorter hikes on the next day.

Extended days in Arches are also something to consider if you want to see other cool arches like Corona Arch, Tower Arch, and the Dark Angel Trail.

Plan Your Visit to Arches National Park in Utah

Arches National Park is located in the eastern part of Utah, less than 5 miles north of Moab–a popular city for adventurers and off-road enthusiasts.

If you plan to go to Arches anytime from April 1st to October 31st, you will be required to have a timed entry reservation.

This reservation was created to help manage the large amount of traffic and overall visitor experience.

Additionally, visiting Arches during the summer can be brutal! Just to give you an idea, during this trip temperatures were at 107°F and even 114°F on some days which felt suffocating, to say the least.

Furthermore, Moab–which is the nearest city to the park, feels like a real furnace during the summer.

Nonetheless, if you pack sun protection and at least a gallon of water per day, a summer trip to this incredible National Park in Utah is completely doable.

If the hot weather is something that you can’t do, then Spring and Fall are probably your best times to visit Arches. During the winter, some trails may be icy and slippery.

Hours: Open 24 hours, year-long. The visitor center is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm.

Fees: $30 entrance fee per vehicle. If you’re visiting The Mighty 5 in Utah or are a frequent visitor of National Park Service destinations, then the Annual National Park Pass is the best option to cover the entrance fees.

Location: Southeast Utah

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Which epic hike in Arches captured your attention the most? Let me know in the comments!

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11 Amazing and Epic Hikes in Arches National Park in Utah
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