Self-Guided Walking Tour in St. Augustine, Florida

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If you love cultural history and architecture, you have to visit Saint Augustine and do a walking tour! During your visit, you can download the Florida Stories app, for a great self-guided walking tour of the Old City.

As for this walking tour, this one is solely based on my St Augustine day trip experience.

self guided st augustine walking tour entrance
Saint Augustine Old City Gate

Things to Know Before You Go

In case you didn’t know, Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. It was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and it’s very rich in interesting history. Even more so, it’s completely beautiful!

The narrow, alley-like streets, old buildings like Casa de Nicolas de Ortega Armourer, distilleries, and the many historic sites make Saint Augustine one of the best places to visit in Florida.

Not to mention that you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset on a cruise in America’s Oldest City!

Juan Ponce De Leon statue in Saint Augustine, Florida, self-guided walking tour
Juan Ponce De Leon, the discoverer of Florida, is known to have landed near this spot at the entrance of the city, in 1513.

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Walking through all the streets, alleys, and less populated areas is one of the best ways to explore the Old City. Home to the 17th-century Spanish fortress–Castillo San Marcos, St Augustine is simply magical in every way.

But what is it about the magical beauty of this historic city? Well, for starters, it’s a unique vibe!

From the coquina walls to the picturesque little houses and the history-filled streets, Saint Augustine is just one of those places you will always want to come back to.


TIP: Don’t forget to wear your best walking shoes, a sun hat, and sunglasses!

What to See on a Self-Guided Walking Tour in St Augustine

I do need to mention that there are tons of places to visit in St Augustine! This list doesn’t even cover all the great things to see in this city.

For reference, I did this walking tour during a 5-hour visit.

Although I’ve been to the Nation’s Oldest City more than once, this walk led me to some really amazing spots like the garden door and the most beautiful street in St Augustine!

Here’s how to discover all of them…on your own!

Castillo de San Marcos is a must see in Saint Augustine self-guided walking tour
Castillo de San Marcos, Saint Augustine, FL

I began this self-guided walking tour from the parking lot next to Castillo de San Marcos, which is a great starting point to explore the city.

These ‘stops’ are not listed in any particular order. However, the walking distance to and from each point of interest is very reasonable.

1. Casa de Nicolas de Ortega Armourer, circa 1740

This house represents the architecture of the first Spanish period, with minor British modifications. What I loved the most about this house was the simplicity and beautiful details of its construction.

Casa de Nicolas de Ortega Armourer in Saint Augustine, Florida
Casa de Nicolas de Ortega Armourer

Address: 70 St George St, St Augustine, FL 32084

coquina stones in Saint Augustine, Florida
This is Coquina–a limestone made from broken shells, that were used centuries ago for the construction of buildings in Florida and the Caribbean.

2. Ximenez-Fatio House, circa 1798

This fine, three-story home and warehouse are built out of coquina, and it is a former boarding house.

Currently, it’s one of the best museums in St Augustine where you can experience what life was like in the 1800s and it’s also an easy find along this self-guided walking tour.

Address: 20 Aviles Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

Ximenez-Fatio House in Saint Augustine, Florida can be seen on a self-guided walking tour
Ximenez-Fatio House

3. Spanish Dragoon Barracks, believed to have been constructed before 1763

I saw this building for the first time on this self-guided walking tour. It’s a first Spanish period two-story coquina structure. It’s beautiful!

Address: 61 Cordova Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

Spanish Dragoon Barracks in Saint Augustine, Florida
Spanish Dragoon Barracks

4. Governor’s House, built during the 16th century

The site of this building was first used as the Governor’s residence back in 1598. Then, the new structure was built in 1706 and was occupied as the Governor’s main residence from the first Spanish period (1710) throughout the second Spanish period (1812).

I loved it because it looks so perfect and rich in history!

Address: 48 King Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

Governor's House in Saint Augustine, Florida can be seen on a self-guided walking tour
Saint Augustine’s Governor’s House

5. Triay-Hall House

A majestic and beautiful house constructed in Coquina. This one has a little opening in the wall where you can see the coquina.

Address: 42 Spanish Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

Triay-Hall House St Augustine
Triay-Hall House

6. Oldest Wooden School House

Dating back to the early 18th century, this is said to be the oldest wooden schoolhouse to still exist to this day. There is no other wooden structure left in St Augustine from the ones built before 1702.

oldest wooden school house in st augustine
Oldest Wooden School House located in Saint Augustine

When visiting the Oldest Wooden School House in Saint Augustine, you can take a look at some of the textbooks from that time.

Tours for the Oldest Wooden School are available daily and the fee is $5.96 for adults and $4.95 for kids 6-12. Children 5 and under are admitted free.

Address: 14 St. George Street, St Augustine, FL, 32084

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7. A Quaint Bar with major Wanderlust Vibes – my self-guided walking tour bonus!

I loved this historic house turned into a quaint neighborhood bar! It’s tucked away in one of the less touristy areas, making it a bit harder to find if you don’t walk around. It also gave me Harry Potter Vibes!

Address: 59 Cuna Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

quaint bar with victorian-style in Saint Augustine Florida
The Social Lounge, a quaint bar in Saint Augustine
hyppo gourmet ice pops st augustine
Need a refresher? Hyppo has THE best gourmet ice pops! 48 Charlotte St., Saint Augustine

8. The ‘Garden Door’ in St Augustine

You should know by now, how much I am deeply fascinated by doors! It’s something that always captivates me and to be quite honest, I don’t know why.

Thus far, this is one of the most gorgeous doors I’ve seen in St. Augustine! I was lucky enough to see it open and I peeked into the beautiful garden.

Address: 15 Bridge Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

the garden door in St Augustine can be seen on a self-guided walking tour
Saint Augustine’s Garden Door

9. St Augustine’s Oldest House

The oldest house in Saint Augustine is the Gonzalez-Alvarez House and it’s one of the most epic stops in this self-guided walking tour. Its construction goes back to the 1700s and it’s a perfect example of the Spanish Colonial style.

gonzalez-alvarez oldest house in st augustine
The oldest house in St. Augustine

You can now visit this house–which is currently a museum. Admission is $8 per person, infants and children up to 6 years old are admitted free.

Address: 14 St. Francis Street, St Augustine, FL 32084

10. Aviles Street, the oldest original street in the nation

In my personal opinion, this is one of those streets that many tourists kind of overlook when doing a Saint Augustine self-guided walking tour, but shouldn’t.

When it’s crowded, you can easily miss the beauty and details of Aviles Street. I love the fact that it’s filled with rich history and many great art galleries.

aviles street in self-guided walking tour of st augustine

In fact, it is on Aviles Street that you will find the Ximenez-Fatio House also listed in this self-guided walking tour of St Augustine.

Address: You can find the entrance to Aviles Street right across Plaza de la Constitución.

visit Old Town Aviles Street in Saint Augustine, Florida sign

11. Saint Augustine’s Most Beautiful Street, a sweet bonus for your self-guided walking tour

It had been quite some time since I wanted to see this street. For this one, you’re better off making the stop before or after walking around the Old Town–as it’s at a short driving distance. It’s very much worth it because it’s so darn beautiful!

Saint Augustine Florida most beautiful street on Magnolia Avenue
Right-side view of Saint Augustine’s most beautiful street on Magnolia Ave

And while I admit this street is not “Savannah, Georgia beautiful“, it still took my breath away!

Which view do you like the most?

Address: Near 28 Magnolia Ave., St Augustine, FL, 32084

Saint Augustine Florida most beautiful street on Magnolia Avenue
Left-side view of Saint Augustine’s most beautiful street on Magnolia Ave

More to See on a Self-Guided Walking Tour in Saint Augustine, Florida

What’s your favorite part of this self-guided walking tour? Let me know in the comments!

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