Most Haunted Places and Eerie Ghost Tours in St Augustine

Being that Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the nation, it’s no surprise how it’s also one of the most haunted. It’s because of this that ghost tours in St Augustine have become very popular among visitors.

St Augustine is well-known to be one of the cities in America with the most haunted sightings. Along with Savannah and New Orleans, is considered one of the most haunted cities in the southern U.S.

For this reason, many people who come along for the ghost tours in St Augustine, often bring meters to track paranormal activity around the city.

ghost tours in st. augustine
Castillo de San Marcos Ghost Tours

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Imagine capturing something spooky while you’re out on one of these tours. That would make it an absolute ghostly experience altogether!

While on these tours, some visitors often get to experience apparitions and orb sightings. So if you take pictures around the most active hot spots, you might just be surprised with what you capture!

As for us, we weren’t lucky to see anything out of the ordinary in our pictures. However, hearing the ghost stories while standing at the very spot where it happened, certainly gave us the chills.

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Mysterious Ghost Tours in St Augustine

Some of the stories you’ll hear on these spooky tours in St Augustine can be quite disturbing.

For instance, stories about a woman being buried alive, unexplained disappearances, creepy mysteries, and even massive killings in the Matanzas River.

The history behind all these strange occurrences is also very interesting.

castillo de san marcos
Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine

It’s no secret how the streets of St Augustine have been very active in ghostly appearances for many years. Some of its most haunted stories can be seen in the paranormal activity show Ghost Adventures.

Therefore, if you’re a history buff and fan of haunted stories, going on any of these ghost tours is surely a fun way to learn about the dark history of this city.

1. The Ghosts of St Augustine

This family-friendly ghost tour takes you through some of the most haunted places in St Augustine. In The Ghosts of St Augustine Ghost Tour, you get to visit the grounds of Castillo de San Marcos and discover haunted spots around the Colonial Quarter.

2. St. Augustine Haunted Pub Crawl

Haunted bars and pubs? Yeap! This Haunted Pub Crawl Ghost Tour takes you to the most haunted pubs around the Historic District. Drinks and eerie ghost stories are the highlights of this tour.

haunted hotels in st augustine
Former Matanzas Hotel, St. Augustine

3. The Telling Ellegies Ghost Tour – one of the eeriest ghost tours in St. Augustine

This is the tour that Carlos and I went on during our last visit to St. Augustine. It’s proclaimed as the only adults-only ghost tour in St Augustine.

Additionally, this tour explores some of the most active hot spots for paranormal activity and gruesome ghost stories. For this reason, this tour is not recommended for kids.

In The Telling Ellegies Ghost Tour, they took us to 7 different locations. I would describe our experience as spooky and thought-provoking.

ghost tours in st. augustine
Ghost Tours in St. Augustine

Without giving away all the fun, I can also say that the story that frightened me the most happens at the former Ponce De Leon Hotel. Honestly, it gave me all the chills!

I also experienced a very odd feeling when we were at one of the haunted houses on Cuna Street. This one is right across the Triay-Hall House which you can see on your St. Augustine self-guided tour.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, the oldest Catholic Parish in the U.S.

👻 Paranormal Activity Hot Spots in The Telling Ellegies Ghost Tour

  1. Secret room at Castillo de San Marcos, creepy apparitions
  2. Matanzas River
  3. Former Matanzas Hotel, one of the most haunted hot spots
  4. Oldest Catholic Parish in the U.S., most gruesome story
  5. Former Ponce de Leon Hotel, a highly active hot spot
  6. Haunted house on Cuna Street,
  7. One of the most haunted and oldest planned cemeteries in Florida. This cemetery was in service up until 1884 and it’s only open once a month for visitors and tours.
tolomato cemetery in st augustine
Ghosts and Hauntings at the Tolomato Cemetery

Plan your Visit and Book a Ghost Tour

If you’re planning a visit to the Nation’s Oldest City, keep in mind that ghost tours typically run at night, and they operate rain or shine!

What is the duration of the ghost tours?

During our visit, we booked the 8:30 pm spot for the ghost tour and it went on for a little over 90 minutes. There is a lot of walking in between stops and the tour could take a bit longer if it’s a large group.

Also, it’s best to be prepared by wearing your comfiest shoes.

haunted places in st. augustine
Haunted House on Cuna Street, St. Augustine

How much do these tours cost?

Pricing varies depending on which ghost tour you decide to go on. Therefore, it’s best to check out the different pricing options on the vendor’s website before booking.

When planning your trip itinerary, be sure to add the best ghost tours in St. Augustine for an utterly exciting experience!

Have you ever been on a ghost tour? Let us know in the comments!

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most haunted places in st. augustine
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