10 Amazing Things to Do For an Epic Weekend in St Augustine

Looking to spend an exciting weekend in St Augustine? Look no further! From exploring the city on foot to visiting fascinating museums and enjoying breathtaking views, there are plenty of things to do in this fascinating historic district.

For starters, the Festival of Lights during the holiday season—often the favorite time of the year to visit St Augustine, allows you to see how the entire town transforms with millions of white lights and decorations.

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governor's house in st augustine
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The rest of the year, St Augustine has enjoyable weather year-round for things like camping at Anastasia State Park, staying at an Airbnb or picturesque vacation rentals by the beach, and even surfing on A1A beaches.

Regardless of when you plan to visit, from exploring the city on foot to visiting fascinating museums and enjoying breathtaking views, St Augustine is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

With our recommendations, you’ll be able to create your own exciting St Augustine weekend itinerary!

  • This picturesque town in Northeast Florida offers something for everyone to enjoy.
  • For visitors coming out of state, the best time to visit St Augustine is during the Nights of Lights festival, which takes place around Christmas time. On the other hand, spring and summer seem to be preferred among Florida locals.
  • Regardless of when you visit, plan accordingly and keep in mind that peak season does get crowded.
people walking on the streets across casa monica resort & spa
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Exciting Things To Do On A Weekend in St Augustine

There are many exciting ways to spend a weekend in St Augustine. No matter what you choose to do, you can’t go wrong!

These are some of our favorite things to do that we recommend for your St Augustine weekend getaway.

1. Visit the Museum of Wax

I never thought I’d enjoy the Museum of Wax as much as I did. This quaint building dates back to 1739 and used to be the city’s Old Drug Store.

museum of wax st augustine

The museum features over 100 life-like wax figures of famous people from history, politics, sports, music, and movies, including Henry Flagler.

One of the most interesting facts is that it takes 500 hours to complete the head of one wax figure. These wax figures are also made with real human hair and prosthetic teeth and eyes.

The work area is where most of the magic happens and is one of my favorite parts of this museum.

area where they make the wax figures in museum of wax in st augustine

2. Explore The Historic Castillo de San Marcos

Visit the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S., Castillo de San Marcos, to explore its unique coquina architecture and well-preserved walls designed to withstand cannon fire.

Apart from its incredible history, this national monument part of the National Park Service, also reminds us of Castillo El Morro on our home Island of Puerto Rico.

You can enhance your visit to Castillo de San Marcos by booking one of the nightly ghost tours.

castillo de san marcos in florida

3. Navigate the City With The Hop-on-Hop-off Trolley Tour

The Old Town Trolley Tour is one of the best ways to explore St Augustine’s Historic District. This tour covers 100 points of interest and offers live narration by experienced guides.

The trolley tour is a great experience any time of the year and the ticket includes complimentary use of their Beach Bus which you can take to visit St Augustine beaches.

people inside the one of the old town trolley tours passing by one of the historic buidings

👻 RECOMMENDED TOUR: Listen to the stories of some of the spooky buildings in St Agustine in this haunted trolley tour.

4. Enjoy Free Cocktail Tastings and Tour at St Augustine Distillery

This award-winning St Augustine Distillery was originally built as an Ice Plant in 1905.

They offer self-guided tours and a cocktail-tasting experience where you can sample and purchase their signature cocktails. For more details on this distillery tour, visit the cocktail-tasting experience

group of people doing a cocktail tasting tour in st augustine distillery

5. Discover the Magic of the Fountain of Youth

This is the place where you’ll learn the history behind Ponce de Leon’s ‘healing waters‘.

At the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, you can drink a cup of the legendary fountain of youth and explore a Timucuan Indian village replica.

Right across the park’s entrance, there is a local shop where you can get the best homemade lemonade in town.

the entrance to the fountain of youth park with two florida historic markers on the right side

6. Climb The Iconic St Augustine Lighthouse

Climb all 219 steps of the 165-foot tall St Augustine Lighthouse to its observation deck for panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Matanzas Bay.

You can also go inside various buildings with historic artifacts and get to explore the Maritime Archeology Lab where they keep actual shipwreck artifacts that are under study and conservation.

a picture of the st augustine lighthouse on a bright day with blue skies

7. Take a Tour of the Old Jail

The Old Jail in St Augustine, dating back to 1891, offers immersive tours showcasing what life was like during that time.

This is a very interesting place to visit at least once or twice. You can book the Old Jail Tour here.

picture of the old jail museum and the bench of sheriff joe perry

8. Visit the Lightner Museum, Formerly the Hotel Alcazar

This amazing museum is right in the heart of historic downtown, just across from Flagler College and next to the Casa Monica Hotel.

The Lightner Museum is packed with unique exhibits and the architecture is beautiful. You’ll get to see fascinating collections like antique cut glass and Victorian fashion pieces.

Plus, they have an Egyptian mummy with a burial mask on display on the first floor. Trust me, this museum is a must-see on your St Augustine weekend itinerary!

inside courtyard of the ightner museum in st augustine

There are many ways to enjoy your trip to this historic district without spending a lot of money. Here are some of our favorite free things to do in St Augustine this weekend.

9. Catch the Sunrise in St Augustine Beach

No St Augustine weekend getaway would be complete without experiencing the breathtaking sunrise on the beach!

For the best place to watch the sunrise, head to the St Augustine Beach Pier. Whether you’re an early bird like me or have to set your alarm for this experience, waking up to catch the sunrise is an absolute must.

man holding a surfboard walking on the beach in st augusine during the sunrise time
Sunrise in St Augustine Beach

10. Take a Self-guided Walking Tour

Explore by foot and soak in the city’s historic architecture and atmosphere on a self-guided walking tour.

You can start with a leisurely walk on the pedestrian-only George Street for a great vibe and historical sites like the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the U.S.— great to visit if you’re traveling with kids.

people walking on george street

Where to Eat in St Augustine

We still have to get better at documenting the places to eat when traveling.

But to continue keeping the promise to our readers of sharing more about food, here are a few places that we recommend you stop by when looking for places to eat in St Augustine.

1. Lunch at Pizza Time

In my very personal opinion, this is the best pizza place in St Augustine. However, this spot is very popular among locals and tourists alike, so be prepared to wait in line for at least 30 minutes, and even more during peak seasons.

But trust us, it’s worth the wait!

My favorite pizza from Pizza Time is the “Grandma’s Pizza” with roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, asiago cheese, and their signature grandma’s sauce. I also like to get their cup of olives (sorry, don’t remember what it’s called).

NameLocationPrice Range
Pizza TimeSt Augustine$-$$

2. Dinner At Columbia Restaurant

Columbia Restaurant is Florida’s oldest restaurant, serving Spanish food since 1905. This iconic landmark in St Augustine is known for its beautiful architecture and delicious food options.

The menu at Columbia Restaurant has a wide variety of dishes that combine traditional Spanish flavors with modern twists.

But the dish that you have to try is their famous “1905 Salad” which has Swiss and Romano cheeses, baked ham, and their house salad dressing blended with Spanish olive oil and Worcestershire sauce.

a picture of a me having dinner at columbia restaurant and a pint of sangria in front of me
NameLocationPrice Range
Columbia RestaurantSt Augustine$$-$$$

3. Refresh With Ice Pops From The Hyppo

The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops are a must-try during your visit to St Augustine, especially during the hot summer days.

There are over 28 flavors to choose from, but our favorites are Mango and Piña Colada.

NameLocationPrice Range
The HyppoSt Augustine$
me holding a popsicle from the hyppo gourmet ice pops

What Is Parking Like In St Augustine?

Parking in St Augustine can be a challenge, especially during weekends and peak seasons when the city is bustling with visitors.

Street Parking Options

Although limited, there is free street parking on Sundays and public holidays, and from 5 pm to 8 am on weekdays. The exception to this would be the street parking around Plaza La Constitución, where it’s free until 10 am.

Metered parking is also available throughout the St Augustine downtown area.

quaint house on the corner of cuna street

Public Parking Lots and Garages

You will find two of the main public parking lots at the Castillo San Marcos and across from the Lightner Museum.

The Historic Downtown Parking Garage is a popular choice among visitors as it’s free for ADA. This garage is located at 1 Cordova Street, in the heart of downtown, and it’s conveniently located at a walking distance from many attractions.

Lastly, some attractions like Old Town Trolley Tours offer free parking for their customers, but spaces are limited. Therefore, it’s best to arrive early for your tours if you want a good chance of grabbing a free parking space.

Overall, if you’re staying at a hotel within walking distance of the historic district, it’s best to explore the city on foot.

a picture of us a the old city gates

Is St Augustine Worth Visiting?

With its stunning architecture and cobblestone streets of the historic district to the beautiful beaches and vibrant cultural scene, St Augustine is definitely worth visiting.

Whether you’re exploring the museums, exploring delicious cuisine at the local eateries, or simply taking in the views, there’s something very fascinating about this historic city that will surely capture your heart and leave you eager to return.

Final Thoughts For Your St Augustine Weekend

In summary, this guide is just a starting point when looking for places to visit in St Augustine or when you’re on a weekend trip.

There is so much more to experience!

Nonetheless, this historic town in Florida has everything you need for an unforgettable weekend escape that will leave you planning your next trip back even before you leave!

Save it for later!

things to do in st augustine on a weekend
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