Florida Drive-thru Safari: a Wild Adventure

You already know that for Carlos and me, outdoor adventures are the epitome of weekend fun! Especially when it allows us to experience the outdoorsy vibe in different ways, like this Florida drive-thru safari experience.

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Where is this Florida Drive-Thru Safari?

This safari adventure called the Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari Park, is located on 85 acres of land in Kenansville. It’s right off Highway 441 just 50 minutes south of Kissimmee.

Once here, have two main park admission options. You can do the Gator Park admission or the Drive-thru Safari Park (Gator Park admission is included with this ticket).

Additionally, you can also purchase tickets for the Airboat Rides and Animal Encounter Experiences.

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Out of all the exciting things to do in this park, we think the 4-mile drive-thru safari is one of Wild Florida’s best adventures! It has fun and excitement for the whole family and it’s also a great outdoorsy vibe.

More than 150 animals are roaming freely in this safari park which gives you the incredible opportunity to see them close!

animal crossing at the drive-thru safari

How Long is Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari?

On average, the drive-thru safari usually takes around 45-90 minutes to complete. For us, I believe it was just about an hour because we were enjoying the drive and taking plenty of pictures.

However, the time can vary depending on the number of cars driving through the safari at the time of your visit. It will also depend on the times you stop along the way to enjoy the safari adventure.

cars entering the safari
drive-thru safari in jeep

Keep in mind that this is a self-guided experience, so in the end, the time to complete the journey pretty much depends on you. There’s plenty of wildlife to see no matter which way you look!

If you’re planning on just doing the safari, we recommend planning to spend at least 90 minutes on your visit. This gives you plenty of time to complete the safari and feed the giraffes.

animals in the safari

What Animals Are at the Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari?

Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari allows you to see over 100 animals roaming around in the land. You’ll get to see zebras, reticulated giraffes, mouflon sheep, scimitar oryx, watusi, and more.

But without a doubt one of the most popular animals in the Wild Florida Safari is the giraffe, especially Walter. Standing at 17 feet tall, Walter is the tallest animal in the park.

walter the giraffe in wild florida

Needless to say, giraffes are a personal favorite of mine and I get utterly excited with them. Being up close and personal with these lovely creatures is an out-of-the-world experience!

And for those who love reptiles, you’ll see plenty of alligators here! After all, this IS Florida. While I’m not a fan of gators, we do enjoy seeing them in the wild…far, far, away.

walter wild florida

Feeding Giraffes in the Florida Drive-thru Safari

I might be biased with this one, but feeding the giraffes is probably the best part of this drive-thru safari experience.

You have the option of doing the giraffe feeding for $5— this gets you a set of like 4 lettuce leaves. You can also purchase more if you’d like.

Depending on the time of your visit, there may be a lot of people waiting in line for the giraffe feeding. Therefore, please be patient, kind, and mindful of others who also want to take pictures and enjoy the experience.

feeding giraffes in florida drive-thru safari

The giraffes are friendly and curious animals that love interaction and will go to whoever has the lettuce. They’re also happy to nibble anything they see, including bags and hair.

Yeap, they’ll want to eat your hair! It was also really cool to see how they used their long tongues to grab the lettuce from our hands. I would’ve stayed with the giraffes the rest of the afternoon!

giraffe feeding in wild florida

Tips and Rules to Follow for the Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari Experience

The park has some simple but important rules to follow to ensure the safety of the animals, as well as the visitors. In addition, I’m adding a few tips that will allow you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

walter the girafee in wild florida

4 Tips for Your Florida Drive-thru Safari Experience

  1. Use the restrooms BEFORE starting you start the drive-thru safari. You’ll find the restrooms right next to the Safari Gift Shop.
  2. Check the weather BEFORE heading out. Entry to the giraffe feeding area will depend on the weather.
  1. Try to avoid visiting during the hot summer months (July and August). The animals will be hiding under the shade when the weather is too hot. If you want to see as many of them as possible, including the experience of animal crossings, early mornings and cooler months are best.
  2. Bring a GoPro with a windshield mount. This is the best way to capture the whole safari experience, especially the animal crossings!
florida drive-thru safari in jeep

Rules to Follow

  1. Always stay in your vehicle. This is not a petting zoo; keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times.
  2. No pets are allowed on the Drive-thru Safari experience
  3. Convertible cars must have their tops in place to enter the safari.
  4. Motorcycles are not allowed.
  5. No feeding, touching, or petting the animals.
  6. Do not exceed 5mph while driving on the safari.
camels in wild florida

Plan Your Visit to the Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari

General Admission: $34 per adult (ages 13 and up), $24 per child. Florida Resident Admission (valid ID required): $24 per adult, $19 per child.

Both admission options include free entry to the Wild Florida Gator Park. Reservations are allowed.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm (last entry is at 5 pm)

wild florida safari park

Final Thoughts

The Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari is an incredible and affordable adventure in Central Florida that’s definitely worth a visit!

And although we were able to complete the Drive-thru Safari experience, our visit to Gator Park was unfortunately cut short due to rain.

Regardless, we were able to enjoy our outdoorsy adventure and we recommend it!

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just looking for something fun and different to do with your family, this safari is surely a win!

Would you love to visit this drive-thru safari? Let us know in the comments!

Save it for later!

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