Guided Farm Tour and Animal Experience in Sanford

Central Florida has many outdoorsy adventures that you probably haven’t heard of. Like this guided farm tour where you can have the experience of petting and feeding horses, baby goats, and cows.

Located just 15 minutes away from Historic Downtown Sanford, Red Horse Ranch is a true hidden gem!

If you’re an animal lover, have kids, or if you’re looking for an outdoor date idea, a visit to this farm is a win!

cows eating grass at red horse ranch
Red Horse Ranch in Sanford, FL

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cows eating grass

How Does This Farm Tour Work?

Red Horse Ranch is family-owned and its tours and private events are operated by family and friends.

Tours on the farm run daily and usually last 45 – 60 minutes. To enjoy the experience to the fullest, small groups are recommended.

horses at the stable
These beautiful horses are Roscoe and Shiloh

This fantastic animal experience is all about playing, petting, and feeding the horses, cows, goats, and chickens that call this farm their home.

However, the interaction with the animals will depend on their willingness to participate.

From our visit, we learned that the animals are regularly most active after the early morning hours. For this reason, the tours can be booked from 10 am and the latest one is available for around 3 pm.

chickens playing around at the horse stable

During this visit, our private tour began at 9 am. Nonetheless, we were excited to see how engaged the animals were during our visit, even though it was a bit early for them.

guided farm tour with horses at red horse ranch in sanford

For private events such as birthdays, there is a reserved area in which the animals are brought over to you and your guests.

These are reserved for a 2-hour block and during this time, you will have the opportunity to pet and feed the animals.

horse stable at red horse ranch
Cherokee, the white horse

All tours and activities are donation-based. Therefore, a fee is not required for the guided farm tours.

Regardless, we highly encourage all visitors to support this animal farm in Sanford with a kind donation. It’s also important to mention that a reservation is required for all tours.

guided farm tour with horses at red horse ranch
Roscoe loved the camera!

Animal Experience at Red Horse Ranch

Getting to spend time with these friendly animals is quite an amazing experience! We began our tour at the stable where we met Roscoe, Shiloh, and Cherokee.

These lovely horses gave us all their attention and were kind to us during the whole time we spent with them.

guided farm tour with horses at red horse ranch in sanford
Roscoe, the Big Red Horse

Roscoe, the Big Red Horse, is the inspiration behind the name of the Ranch-Red Horse Ranch. He is sweet, kind, and very lovable.

At the farm, we also saw many chickens playing around. One of them liked the camera so much that he stood still for me!

chickens at red horse ranch

After our time with the horses, we met Malo, a super friendly baby bull. Although Carlos spent the most time with Malo, I got a chance to feed him and he was calm and playful the whole time.

guided farm tour with baby bull at red horse ranch
Malo, the baby bull
baby bull with mouth full of hay
man petting baby bull at red horse ranch in sanford florida

The cows didn’t want much interaction during our visit. However, we still enjoyed walking around with them which was very pleasant and nice!

cows eating grass by the fence

A Farm Tour with the Baby Goats

The best part was yet to come. Because as much as I love horses, I also adore baby goats! They are playful and super cute!

We might be biased, but this was our favorite part of the tour.

And did you know that a baby goat is called a kid? They are the only baby animals referred to as kids.

baby goats looking at the camera
Cute baby goat looking at the camera
guided farm tour with baby goats at red horse ranch in sanford
baby goats looking at each other

During our guided farm tour, I had the chance to carry one of these baby goats and it was the coolest experience!

The baby goats were also very friendly with Carlos and were looking for ways to simply play around.

woman carrying a baby goat

Final Thoughts

Overall, the guided farm tour and animal experience at Red Horse Ranch is incredible and we enjoyed every bit of it.

For those of you looking for something different to experience outdoors, this tour is worth a visit!

red horse ranch in sanford

To reserve a guided farm tour at Red Horse Ranch in Sanford, you message them through their Facebook page or you can also book by calling (407) 620-9175.

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guided farm tour in red horse ranch sanford
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  1. Central Florida is where I go to escape the cold of winter in Ontario, and I never thought to do this. This farm tour looks like so much fun, will have to do this next time I’m there!

  2. I love places like this one because I grew up with cows and horses. This place is the perfect spot where to take kids or need to get rid from a stressful week at work. Spending time with animals has the power to calm us so this is a place where to spend some time during the weekend, for sure.
    Great article.


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