Scuba Diving at Alexander Springs in Ocala

Freshwater diving is an absolute favorite in Florida. With so many beautiful springs with great depths, scuba diving is quite common in these crystal-clear waters. One of the most popular freshwater diving sites in Florida is Alexander Springs in Ocala.

freshwater diving in florida

I like to refer to this spring as a large, natural pool! The basin is 300 ft wide and it’s surrounded by vegetation and lots of fish.

And with its crystal-clear water and white sandy bottom, it’s no wonder how it’s a favorite amongst divers of all levels.

scuba diving in florida springs

How Deep is Alexander Springs for Scuba Diving?

First and foremost, scuba diving is only allowed in the spring boil or basin. It’s pretty shallow, and its maximum depth is about 27 ft.

This makes it a great dive site for beginners and for divers looking to test equipment or just get in some water time.

scuba diving in alexander springs

The Diving Experience

Besides getting to see lots of freshwater fish, you can also explore inside a small cavern in the spring basin. It’s very small, I would say only one person at a time inside the cavern.

Regardless, it’s easy to go in and it makes the dive super fun.

diving in alexander springs florida

Additionally, next to the cavern, you can feel the very strong current coming from the vent.

  • Max depth: 8 meters/27 ft
  • Visibility: 28-30 meters/91-100 ft
  • Bottom: Sand
  • Water temperature: 71-75 ℉
  • Valid Scuba Diver’s Certification Card required
alexander springs ocala

While You’re Here

Alexander Springs is located within the Ocala National Forest. There’s plenty to do around this area with great hiking trails and campgrounds.

Canoeing, kayaking, and biking are some of the most enjoyable activities in this spring’s recreation area.

Day and overnight sites are also available for reservation.

Entrance fees are $8 per person on weekdays and $11 per person on weekends and holidays.

freshwater diving in florida

Have you been to Alexander Springs? Let me know in the comments!

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scuba diving in florida's springs
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  1. Ooooh it’s kind of cool that it is so shallow so there is plenty of light streaming through the crystal clear waters! I have never tried scuba, so I guess I would need some classes, but what an amazing place to try as a newbie!

    What kind of freshwater fishes did you get to see? 🙂


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