Ghost Tours in Central Florida That are Perfect for Fall Season

The fall season is the perfect time to go out on some ghost tours in Central Florida, especially if you’re going on your first one!

From our list of favorites, Carlos and I love the tours in St. Augustine. Mostly because walking around at night in America’s oldest city is quite eerie.

If you’ve been a reader of our blog for a while, you already know that fall is my favorite season. You would also know how much The Vampire Diaries entertain me all year long.

best ghost tours in Orlando

But just as such, ghost tours are my epitome of fun for Halloween!

And believe it or not, we have many mysterious places with very interesting histories here in Central Florida.

For starters, if you want something different then check out the mystery of Spook Hill. The mystery of this hill came after an urban legend that supposedly took place here.

On this hill, your car will start to go up the hill on its own. Known also as ‘gravity hill’, Spook Hill has quite an interesting story behind it.

But if you’re like us, the hunt for an exciting and spooky ghost tour begins.

Best Ghost Tours in the Orlando Area

Believe it or not, there are many haunted places in Orlando–and all over Central Florida. From ghosts in cemeteries, those who live in the attic, to the ones that haunt a historic hotel. This list is in no particular order, so let’s get to it! Shall we? 👻

1. Cassadaga After Dark: Find the Spirits Tour

This tour is a kind of scientific approach to the spirits that haunt Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp-known as the Psychic Capital of the World. Bring your camera and paranormal equipment to analyze and investigate the spirits of Cassadaga.

ghost tours central florida cassadaga

Details of the tour

  • Duration: 2-hour walking tour, only available on Fridays
  • Type: Investigative/Paranormal
  • Audience: 12 and under need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Tickets: $30 per adult, $15 for children 12 and under
  • Book the Cassadage After Dark Tour

2. Greenwood Cemetery Night Tour

This was my very first ghost tour inside a cemetery and it was both interesting and eerie. This is a 2-hour paranormal investigation tour at the historic Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando.

I have to say that being in a cemetery after hours, in the darkness, surrounded by tombs, and listening to ghost stories, can surely give you a scare!

Greenwood cemetery ghost tours
Photo: Hernando Sun

Details of the tour

3. Sanford Ghost Tours

Downtown Sanford is one of my favorite downtowns in Central Florida! This ghost tour is mostly about the haunting stories of the historic buildings around the downtown area.

For the last stop of the tour, you get to go inside one of the most active hot spots for paranormal activity in the area.

sanford ghost tours
The Smiling Bison is one of the haunted places in Downtown Sanford.

Details of the tour

  • Duration: 1 hour, 30-minute walking tour
  • Type: Historical stories, Haunting tales
  • Audience: suitable for all ages
  • Tickets: Starting at $20
  • Book Sanford Ghost Tour online

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4. Mount Dora Ghost Tour

This is one of the best ghost tours near Orlando. In the Mount Dora Ghost Tour, they hand you paranormal investigation equipment to use throughout the tour.

There is always the chance of the investigative meter going off at every single stop of the tour.

Regardless, there is one place in which the activity is above and beyond! Excellent ghost tour for the fans of the paranormal!

mount dora ghost tours

Details of the tour

  • Duration: 1 hour, 45-minute walking tour
  • Type: Investigative, Paranormal
  • Audience: Suitable for all ages but use your judgment before buying tickets for children under 14
  • Tickets: $25 per person
  • Book Mount Dora Ghost Tour online

5. Encounter Spirits Night Tour

This town has all the haunted vibes! The town’s Cassadaga Hotel is known to be haunted.

There are many stories of its mysterious activity. Although this is the second Cassadaga tour on this list, they are both very different.

This is a guided tour that takes you through all the energy ‘hot spots’ around, enabling you to capture spirit energy. Bring your camera for this tour and you might even capture some energy orbs!

Details of the tour

Whether you’re into ghost stories, or not, having the experience to go on a ghost tour can be super fun and very exciting.

👻 Have you been on a ghost tour? Share your experience in the comments!

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