Showcase of Citrus: The Roadside Attraction You Don’t Want to Miss

You know when you visit a place for the first time and then wonder how you never knew about it before? This is exactly what I thought after stepping foot in Showcase of Citrus.

Although Carlos had already been here many years ago, this was a first for me. And even though I’ve been to other places nearby, somehow I had missed this hidden gem.

But after our visit, I was convinced that this roadside attraction is a great place to experience something different. It’s also one of the best things to do in Clermont for outdoor lovers!

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showcase of citrus monster truck tour

When is Showcase of Citrus open?

Although it’s world-known for its Orange Juice Slushy, other fun activities make this a unique outdoorsy attraction.

1. Showcase of Citrus Monster Truck Tour – a super fun adventure in Showcase of Citrus!

showcase of citrus monster truck tour

The Showcase of Citrus monster truck tour is an amazing outdoor adventure! During the tour, you’ll go through the citrus groves, and cattle ranch, and learn historical facts about the 2,500-acre estate.

Furthermore, in this 1-hour 4×4 adventure, you’ll also be able to feed some of the wildlife on the estate. Some of the animals we got to see were cows, zebras, and water buffalo.

Before you go

Plan ahead: Reservations for the monster truck tour at the Showcase of Citrus are required.

Fees: $25 for adults and $15 for children ages 4-12, admission is free for veterans and active military.

florida adventure couple

2. U-pick Citrus

There are many different U-pick farms around Florida which makes this a very popular outdoor activity. However, all of the U-pick activities will vary by season.

The citrus harvest season is typically from November through May. therefore, if you want to experience the u-pick citrus, plan your visit during these months.

citrus groves monster truck tour

3. Gem-mining

One of our favorite places for gem mining is Helen, Georgia. Nonetheless, this gem-mining adventure in Showcase of Citrus is fun for those who have never done it. It’s also great for kids!

Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of the gem mine. But for the sake of real Florida vibes, here’s a gator! 😆

gator holding bag of florida oranges
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4. Go Back in Time at the Old Time Country Store – a piece of ‘real Florida’ in Showcase of Citrus

If you want to experience real Florida, this is the place to be! We really loved this old-time store because it has an amazing variety of things that give you a ‘back-in-time‘ Florida vibe.

Locally made jams and honey, gator meat, vintage signs, antique items, and their delicious orange juice slushy.

5. Visit the Farm Animals

Although the farm is not a big one, it’s still one of the highlights of Showcase of Citrus. You can purchase food to feed the farm animals which is something that the whole family can enjoy.

baby donkey farm animal

This is a good animal experience in which you will see donkeys, sheep, turkeys, ducks, an ostrich, pigs, zebus, a mini horse, and Blu the Emu.

Overall, Carlos and I had an incredible time with a day full of outdoor fun. We will definitely go back someday! For details on these outdoor activities, visit the Showcase of Citrus website.

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  1. What a fun and unique place to explore Florida’s citrus heritage! Definitely adding this to my fun places to visit list. Love the gator shot especially.


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