5 Haunted Houses in Savannah that You Have to Visit

Ironically, this beautiful and charming southern city is commonly known for its share of ghost stories, which are mostly tied to some of the prettiest and most haunted houses in Savannah.

Oh, Savannah! In case you haven’t noticed, I am in love with the Peach State, which means that all things Savannah will always have a place in my top things to do.

Noble Hardee mansion one of the most haunted houses in Savannah Georgia
Noble Hardee Mansion, the last unrestored house in Savannah, Georgia

And did you know that Savannah, Georgia is said to be the most haunted city in America? Yeap! Take that, New Orleans!

But in case you’re already getting spooked, don’t. Savannah is so much more than its haunted stories.

Personally, I truly love all of the picturesque houses, moss trees, and the whimsical feel around Savannah’s Historic District.

And especially, I adore Monterrey Square. Walking around Savannah is definitely a vibe!

But what is it about the historic houses in Savannah that most of us find so captivating? Well…

Monterrey Square in Savannah Historic District
Monterrey Square in Savannah, Georgia

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What Are Some of the Most Haunted Houses in Savannah, Georgia?

1. Mercer-Williams House

One of the most famous houses in Savannah is the Mercer-Williams House, located on the gorgeous Monterrey Square.

Why? Well, for starters, the murder that took place in this house became famously known in the book and film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Mercer-Williams House Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil one of the most haunted houses in Savannah Georgia
Mercer-Williams House in Savannah

Furthermore, this beautiful Savannah historic house is said to be haunted by the man who was killed there.

You can get the full scoop behind this haunted story on the Beyond Good and Evil Savannah Ghost Tour.

2. Kehoe House

The all-so-beautiful Kehoe House is one of Savannah’s Historic Inns and was named the Most Romantic Hotel in the USA by Trip Advisor (2021).

But the story that lies within the walls of this house is everything but romantic. Supposedly, the Kehoe Family had two children and both of them died in this house.

Kehoe House one of the most haunted houses in Savannah Georgia

Allegedly, they roam around the hotel and have been seen by some of the guests that have stayed there.

Also, before becoming the gorgeous hotel that it is today, this house was formerly a funeral home.

Hhmm…how’s that for haunted?! Regardless, it is without a doubt that the beauty and charm of the Kehoe House are truly mesmerizing!

3. Hamilton Turner-Inn – one of the most haunted houses in Savannah

Also seen in the book and film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is the Hamilton-Turner Inn.

Located in Lafayette Square, this historic house is also said to be the inspiration for Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

Hamilton-Turner Inn most haunted houses in Savannah Georgia
Hamilton-Turner Inn in Savannah

Back in the day, this is where many Gatsby-styled parties were thrown. The Hamilton-Turner Inn has supposedly been very active with paranormal activity.

Among the strange occurrences, guests have allegedly reported hearing the sound of billiard balls rolling on the floor. The ghost of a man smoking a cigar has also been ‘spotted’ around on the rooftop.

4. Owens-Thomas House

This historic mansion built in 1819, is considered to have one of Savannah’s most intriguing stories behind it.

From a slave quarter to fire, to yellow fever, there are many reasons why the spirits are still allegedly wandering around the halls of this historic mansion.

Owens-Thomas House in Savannah Historic District
Owens-Thomas House in Savannah

Now a museum, the staff and visitors of the Owens-Thomas House have supposedly witnessed items being moved around and unexplained footsteps and noises coming from empty rooms.

In fact, there are many ‘ghosts’ that are said to remain in this house–a spirit in the dining room, the lady in grey, and a ghost in a riding coat are among the most ‘seen’ around here.

5. The Sorrel Weed House

Built in the 1840s and owned by Francis Sorrel, the legendary Sorell Weed House is notorious for its eerie hauntings that have left visitors trembling with fear.

Due to this, many actually consider this to be one of the most haunted places in America!

Legend has it that Francis’ wife, Matilda, had committed suicide after learning of her husband’s infidelity.

Supposedly, she jumped from the balcony on the second floor of this house. Weeks later, Francis’ mistress, Molly, was found hanging from a noose in the carriage house.

sorrel weed house in savannah

Throughout the years, many things related to paranormal activity have occurred in the Sorrel Weed House.

So much so, that Paranormal Investigation tours in this haunted house have become one of the most popular things to do in Savannah.

According to some tour guides, electronic devices are drained of battery upon entering the house, difficulty breathing, a sense of choking, and strange noises have been reported by visitors, more specifically those who go into the basement.

Others allegedly have seen full-figure apparitions and even ghost reflections in the mirrors inside the house.

During our visit, we experienced cold spots are a dark and eerie energy in the Sorrel Weed House. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to go back for another paranormal tour in Savannah!

Learn about the Haunted Houses in Savannah’s Historic District by Taking a Walking Ghost Tour

Although I’ve been to Savannah quite a few times, this was my first time taking a Savannah ghost tour here.

The first ghost tour I’d ever taken was in the French Quarter in New Orleans and it was scary! Like, seriously, the heck scary!

Therefore, I kind of expected the same effect when taking a ghost tour in the most haunted city in America.

Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah Georgia
Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah Historic District

Truth be told, it wasn’t the same.

What I mean by this is that it wasn’t scary. Regardless, it was a really interesting ghost tour that kept me very intrigued throughout.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that with Ghost City Tours you have more than one ghost tour to choose from.

Beyond Good and Evil Ghost Tour

This is the tour that I took during this visit to Savannah. The tour guide walks you through all of these haunted houses in Savannah that I’ve mentioned above.

The tour begins at Colonial Park Cemetery and you will also make a stop at a secret burial site. Adults only.

Dead of the Night Tour

This tour is a tad bit darker than the Beyond Good and Evil Ghost Tour. It’s focused on the more macabre aspects of Savannah’s Historic District and haunted cemeteries. Adults only.

Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

Starting from Tondee’s Tavern, you’ll hear all about the ghosts of the slave trade and you’ll walk around the eerily haunted River Street. Everyone needs to be over 21 years of age to attend this tour.

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour

This one is a family-friendly option that includes some of the most famous haunted locations in Savannah’s Historic District.

Jones Street in Savannah Georgia
A cat walking around in Jones Street–the most beautiful street in America.

Which of the ghost stories behind these haunted houses in Savannah intrigued you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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