Chinsegut Hill: Historic Site in Brooksville

The Chinsegut Hill historic site is at an elevation of 269 feet, one of Florida’s highest points.

Here, you will find this manor house an 1847 house with plenty of charm, placed on the National Register of Historic Places

During our visit to this historic house on a 114-acre preserve, we learned some of its most fascinating stories. For instance, the fact that the history of this hill goes back thousands of years!

chinsegut hill historic site

It’s not precisely known when the first settlers were spotted at the Chinsegut Hill historic site. However, there have been many findings at the archaeological site located right in this preserve.

As a result, many archaeologists believe that prehistoric people, Seminole Indians, and enslaved people, are all part of Chinsegut Hill’s history.

chinsegut hill elevation

5 Interesting Facts about Chinsegut Hill

Located in the town of Brooksville on Florida’s Adventure Coast, this antebellum plantation-style house is a must-visit! Furthermore, being on a higher ground than what we’re used to in Florida was incredible!

Here are some of the things we found most interesting about the Chinsegut Hill Historic Site.

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1. There is a Burial Site

Just outside the manor house, you will see a burial site. It’s in this small cemetery where family members are buried with their children.

burial site at antebellum plantation in florida

2. It was formerly Known as “Snow Hill Estate”

In the 1890s, the Chinsegut Hill Manor House was known as the Snow Hill Estate. At this time, the construction was still pretty much like its 1850s original version.

3. The History Behind the Altar Oak – a must-see at Chinsegut Hill

The Altar Oak is a gorgeous tree under which the remains of Raymond and Margaret Robins —the last owners of the Chinsegut Hill plantation, were buried.

altar oak tree in chinsegut hill

4. There is a Retreat on the Property Grounds

Right within the estate’s property, you will find the Chinsegut Hill Retreat and Conference with cottage-style cabins. These cabins can be rented out to visitors for private getaways, weddings, and events.

5. The Meaning of the Word “Chinsegut”

Carlos got it pretty quickly but it took me more than 6 tries to get the pronunciation of this word correctly. Therefore, I’ll make it easier for you. It is pronounced (chin-SEE-gut).

chinsegut hill manor house in florida

It’s an Alaskan word that means “The spirit of things lost and regained“. We think that it adds to the uniqueness of this historic site.

Plan your Visit to Chinsegut Hill – truly a hidden gem!

We consider this to be one of the best things to do in Brooksville this weekend.

Hours: Open only on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm

Tours: Guided tours are available every half-hour

Fees: Tickets for adults are $5, and children 6 and under are free admission.

chinsegut hill historic site in brooksville florida
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