26 Filming Locations From The Originals That Every Fan Must Visit

As an avid fan of this hit TV series, I often find myself transported to the distant mystical kingdom of the Mikaelson Family. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? But what if I told you that most of these filming locations from The Originals were mostly brought to life in the heart of Georgia?

Although there were a great number of scenes that were actually filmed in New Orleans, many of the most memorable ones were not.

pirate's alley in new orleans
Pirate’s Alley, New Orleans, LA

In this blog, I’m sharing some of the real Georgia gems that served as a backdrop for the tales of vampires, werewolves, and witches that many of us love.

Sprinkle that with places in New Orleans where The Originals was filmed, and you got yourselves an exciting bucket list for your next trip!

mikaelson mansion in new orleans
Mikaelson Mansion in New Orleans

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klaus in the mikaelson mansion in the french quarter new orleans
Klaus on the Mikaelson Mansion balcony. (Image from TV Fanatic)

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A Quick Introduction to The Originals

Based in New Orleans, where secrets between the living and the undead unfold, comes the gripping story of The Originals.

A riveting spin-off of the acclaimed 2009 series The Vampire Diaries that is all about power, betrayal, and undying love that transcends the boundaries of time.

hotel royal marcel's house in new orleans
Hotel Royal aka Marcel’s House

Centered around the Mikaelson family, the world’s first vampires, The Originals delves into the complexities of immortality, the pursuit of dominance, and the unbreakable bonds that tie these immortal beings together.

With compelling dialogue and characters that will forever be part of your life, every detail and enchanting filming location from The Originals will definitely captivate you one way or another.

filming locations from the originals in new orleans

Where Was The Originals Filmed?

The Originals was primarily filmed around Atlanta, mostly in the city of Olde Town Conyers in GA which is dubbed as the New Orleans’ French Quarter, and in New Orleans, LA as well.

Some of The Originals filming locations where iconic scenes like Father Kieran’s funeral took place were filmed in Conyers.

Additionally, this is where you will find more specific locations from the show, like the Witches’ Cauldron.

filming locations from The Originals
Olde Town Conyers, one of the main locations where The Originals was filmed

In addition to this quaint little town, other filming locations from The Originals also took place within the state of Georgia in cities like Covington, Madison, Rome, and Macon.

This list includes many of the locations from both Georgia and New Orleans, but please keep in mind that not all are included here and therefore, this will always be a developing article.

If you plan to visit Olde Town Conyers in Georgia, Filmed in the South offers great tours of The Originals filming locations.

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filming locations from the originals

Georgia Filming Locations From The Originals

  1. Rousseau’s aka Klaus’ Bar: 903 Commercial St, Conyers, GA
  2. The “French Quarter”: Commercial St, Conyers, GA
  3. Main Street for Festivals, Funerals & Mardi Gras Shots: Center St, Conyers, GA
  4. Gillespie’s Pub (The Celtic Tavern): 918 Commercial St, Conyers, GA
  5. Jardin Gris Voodoo Shop (Simply Naked Candles): 906 Center St, Conyers, GA
  6. The Witches’ Cauldron: 922 Center St, Conyers, GA
  7. The Sanatorium (Central State Hospital): 620 Broad St, Milledgeville, GA
always and forever con olde town conyers georgia
Always and Forever Con 2023, Olde Town Conyers | Elijah Quote T-shirts are available now in our shop.
  1. Town Park: 17/c GA83, Madison, GA
  2. Father Kieran’s Church (Decatur Presbyterian Church): 205 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA
  3. Klaus & Elijah Fight Scene (Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens): 949 S Main St, Conyers, GA
  4. Father Kieran’s Funeral: 924 Center Street NE, Conyers, GA
  5. Limousine Explosion (S3 EP15): 939 Railroad Street NW, Conyers, GA
filming locations from the originals olde town conyers
  1. Phil’s Pawn Shop (S5 EP 13): 911 Center St, Conyers, GA
  2. Klaus’ Picket Fence House (shown on The Vampire Diaries): 2121 NE Floyd St, Covington, GA
  3. Bob Moore Bridge (iconic bridge scene with Klaus, Marcel & Elijah, S3 EP21): Silver Creek Trail, Rome, GA
  4. Mystic Falls: Covington Square, Covington, GA
filming locations from the originals

Where in New Orleans Was The Originals Filmed?

  1. French Quarter: many areas of the Quarter were featured on the show. The French Quarter is the base of the New Orleans filming locations for The Originals.
  2. Pirates Alley (where Klaus and Elijah argue about Hope being born): 622 Pirates Alley, New Orleans, LA
  3. Davina’s Church (St Louis Cathedral): 615 Pere Antoine Alley, New Orleans, LA
  4. Klaus and Elijah’s bench where they say their final goodbye: Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA (in front of the cathedral)
  5. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (cemetery scenes): 1400 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA
lafayette cemetery no. 1
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans
  1. Hotel Royal (Marcel’s house, party from the Pilot episode): 1006 Royal St, New Orleans, LA
  2. Napoleon House (Cami’s workplace): 500 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA
  3. Mikaelson Mansion: 837 Royal St, New Orleans, LA
french quarter in new orleans at night
French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
  1. Boutique Du Vampyre: not featured on the show but it’s one of the very few vampire shops in the world and it’s a must-visit! 709 St Ann St, New Orleans, LA
  2. Algiers Point (home of the vampire community after being exiled from the quarter): it’s across the river from the French Quarter so you will need to take the ferry to get here.
Napoleon House in New Orleans

Tips For Your Experience of The Originals

Believe me when I say that I can get the excitement of gathering your list of filming locations to visit, especially when it’s your favorite show.

Nonetheless, there are some things you should keep in mind during your visit.

For starters, many of these places are private businesses and they do appreciate it when we explore responsibly. Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t block traffic just to take a picture.

Also, please don’t leave trash everywhere. It has come to my attention by my readers, that some filming locations like the ‘Timberwolves Football Stadium’, have been torn down due to vandalism.

Vandalism is NOT acceptable! Please be courteous and civilized when you’re visiting these filming locations.

And last but certainly not least, have lots of fun and tell me all about it in the comments below or shoot me an email!

Save it for later!

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