Your Guide to Wine and Beer Tasting Tours in Georgia and Florida

If you’re a wine or beer lover, you should really go on wine and beer tasting tours at least once in your life.

If you and your couple share this interest, this can be the perfect way to connect on a couple’s weekend getaway.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the art of tasting tours as well as try some different kinds of wine or beer that you might not have heard of before.

We’ll be sharing about various wine and beer tasting tours so you can start planning the perfect wine or beer tasting tour that suits you!

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What is Wine Tasting, exactly?

Before we dive into some of the best wine and beer tasting tours you can find in the southern U.S., it’s important to know what wine tasting is.

Simply put; a wine tasting tour is a fun activity where you get to try different kinds of wine.

During the wine tasting, you’re going to experience the different qualities of the wine. You’ll be able to judge or discuss its aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and drinkability.

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What is it Called When You Go Wine Tasting?

A wine tasting is often called a tasting flight as well. This is when you’re tasting more than 5 wines during your wine tasting tour.

Although many people are quite serious about wine tasting, it’s fine to not take it too seriously. Wine tasting can also be seen as a fun way to connect with your partner or friends.

wine tasting flight

Carlos and I love visiting wineries mostly because it allows us to enjoy each other’s company while trying something different. It’s also pretty romantic if you ask me!

In addition, wine tastings can be really interesting as well, because you’ll learn more about the different types of wine and how they’re made. 

How Does Beer Tasting Work?

If you’re not that big of a fan of wine tasting, you can always opt for a beer tasting tour instead.

What is a tasting of beer called?

During a beer tasting tour, you get a selection of beers you can try and assess. This is also often called a flight of beer.

When you go on a beer tasting tour, it’s important to engage multiple senses instead of simply chugging your glass of beer.

This way, you can learn to appreciate the small differences and nuances of every different brew and brand of beer.

That’s also why you will get to learn a lot more about beer during your beer tasting.

When you start the beer tasting tour, you first pour your beer into the appropriate glass.

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Don’t start drinking it right away, but look at the beer’s appearance first, like the color and clarity, since this often says a lot about the beer’s style and quality.

Before you taste the beer, inhale the aroma of the beer after you’ve brought the glass to your mouth/ nose.

A beer can have many different aromas, which range all the way from fruity and floral to earthy and malty.

wine beer tasting

By smelling the aroma first, you’ll get to know more about the ingredients that were used when they were brewing the beer.

Once you finally taste the beer, first take only a small sip and pay attention to all of the different flavors.

With Carlos being a fan of beer, we find visiting breweries to be an enjoyable thing to do, especially for a nice Sunday afternoon.

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Why Are Wine and Beer Tasting Tours So Popular?

There are plenty of good reasons why you should visit a wine or beer tasting tour yourself soon!

If you travel with your significant other, like ourselves, then wine and beer tastings will definitely give you something to talk about.

And if you’re both curious, you will gain a lot of knowledge about how wine and beer are made exactly and what factors play an important role in the process.

wine and beer tasting tours

After the tasting tour, you will also notice that you’ve started paying a lot more attention to the different flavors and aromas when you’re drinking wine or beer on any other occasion.

Lastly, we personally think that wine and beer tastings are popular simply because they are so much fun!

You can visit a wine or beer tasting tour with some of your closest friends and spend an unforgettable afternoon or evening.

Many wineries also have charcuterie boards to pair with your wine and you’ll also be able to get great food options at some breweries as well. If you think about it, it can be the perfect choice for an afternoon date!

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Our Favorite Wine and Beer Tasting Tours

Now that you know more about wine and beer tasting tours and why you should visit one, it’s time to give you our own recommendations of the best wine and beer tasting tours you should visit!

Wine and beer tasting tours in Georgia

Did you know that Georgia has some of the best vineyards and wineries in the United States?

One of our favorite wine tasting experiences is in North Georgia at Yonah Mountain Vineyards. This is a two-hundred-acre family winery and can be found on the base of the iconic Yonah Mountain.

Their goal is to make world-class wines; you’ll notice that they’ve succeeded at this, too, once you taste their superb wines!

yonah mountain vineyards
Yonah Mountain Vineyards, GA

Another fun winery to visit in Georgia is Serenity Cellars. This is a beautiful Tuscan-inspired boutique winery near Helen, Georgia. Their tasting flights are available every day with a nice variety of white and red wines.

serenity cellars in georgia
Serenity Cellars, GA

Wine and Beer Tasting Tours in Florida

Florida is another great state to go to if you’re looking for some of the best wine and beer tasting tours!

If you’re looking for a winery in Central Florida, you definitely have to visit Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards. They offer wine tasting tours seven days a week and you can learn more about the art of winemaking with an audiovisual presentation or even a guided tour!

lakeridge winery tours

Another great winery is the San Sebastian Winery. We might be biased with this one since it’s in our favorite Florida city–St Augustine.

We love the fact that it’s located away from the most crowded streets, even though it does get pretty busy.

If you’re ever near Tarpon Springs, you should go to the Tarpon Springs Castle Winery. Not only will you get to meet the sweetest couple (owners), but the location is absolutely adorable as well!

wine and beer tasting tours

This is also said to be the only European-style winery in the south of the United States, which is perfect if you want to learn more about European wines.

Lastly, you should visit the Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards. Here you can do a wine tasting tour on one of the highest elevations in Florida at 275 feet above sea level!

During your wine tasting you’ll get the enjoy some very pretty views as well.

wine beer tasting sparacia
Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards, FL

2 of Florida’s Best Distilleries – Bonus!

If you’re not into wine or beer tasting tours, we know you’re most likely looking for spirit tasting!

Going back to St Augustine, you’ll find one of the best spirit tasting tours in the City Gate Distillery.

This distillery has actually been distilling, brewing, and making spirits for years now, and their most popular ones are Moonshine, Rum, and Whiskey.

city gate distillery

You can try their interactive group tasting for example and try between 4 and 6 different kinds of spirits, which you can even buy in their store afterwards!

Another distillery in Florida is the St. Augustine Distillery. We love this tour because it’s very interesting to see the barrels and equipment used in the distillery.

st augustine distillery

This will definitely be one of the most fun spirit tours you’ll go to. Furthermore, its building was actually one of Florida’s oldest ice plants that has been transformed into the wonderful distillery you can visit today!

Do you enjoy wine and beer tasting tours? Let us know your favorites by commenting below!

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wine and beer tasting tours in florida and georgia
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