Hidden Gems

Hidden gems in Florida are the less-known places. All in all, these places are meant to be enjoyed and treasured by the whole family. These are amazing places we visit in well-established areas and others might be in less-known areas. Nevertheless, it’s a traveling journey that takes you from scenic byways to ruins of historic sites.

Exploring Boneyard Beach: Big Talbot Island’s Hidden Treasure

As one of Jacksonville's beautiful beaches and a true hidden gem located in the northeast coast of Florida, Boneyard Beach has all the views!
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Discovering the Fascinating Dames Cave: a Hidden Gem in Florida

Located north of Tampa, you will encounter a great cave system inside the Withlacoochee State Forest in which you can explore Dames Cave.
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Must-Visit Animal Park with a Jungle Swamp Cruise

This animal park is home to the World's Largest Alligator Shaped building and offers boat tours, gator feedings, and hands-on wildlife encounters.
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Eerie Tour Inside Florida’s Most Haunted House

Believed to be Florida's most haunted house, the May-Stringer House is a beautiful 1800s victorian era home that comes with charm and haunts!
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Chinsegut Hill: Historic Site in Brooksville

Chinsegut Hill Historic Site is an antebellum plantation located in Brooksville with fascinating history that goes back hundreds of years.
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Showcase of Citrus: The Roadside Attraction You Don’t Want to Miss

Showcase of Citrus is an incredible roadside attraction in Central Florida where you can enjoy many outdoorsy activities with a 'real Florida' vibe.
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